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My message to friends and interested parties

The following represents my constructive ideas on how to effectively comprehend the implications of atrocities forced on society by maniacal government agents and their misguided operatives.
The following represents my constructive ideas on the challenges facing mankind in the face of atrocious government assaults.
Never on planet earth have existed such destructive high technology in the hands of so many homicidal sociopaths as we see today in the United States of America and allies.

We here on the front lines of the invisible, cruel and often murderous assaults on innocent people worldwide by government agents/police/soldiers (and their operatives) are making compelling history that must live on for the next thousand years.

Our mandate from all mankind is to make the best effort possible to share with all the the world the terrible, wretched and purely evil minds of those who use directed energy weaponry (microwave, extremely low frequency sound waves, and other invisible assaults) on our fellow citizens. Add to this abomination the sinister mind games played on our people by the same miscreants under their other program referred to as 'psychological operations' which drive many people flat out crazy.

Thus, one may realize that we live on the crossroads of more than just the dawn of the well publicized New World Order; today low minded men in power force the entire global population to accept, under threat of suffering and bad death, an existence that is defined, enforced and perpetuated by the most brutal torturers, assassins and mass murderers of all time.

I accept the responbility to do my very best until the end to resist such diabolical government employees (and their followers) in their filthy design on our world's culture. I understand, however, that many men/women may not be prepared to deal with the physical and mental pain delivered upon them by the murderous regulators of this 'Age of Madness ', and that such 'Targets' may face a most awful, inevitable dilemma.


Our police and fbi are standing by now 24/7/365 indefinitely to kill or to imprison anyone who cannot sink to knees in supplication before the psychotic killers whom I reference in my work online. Such fellow victims are often the best among us, even though they may be labeled to the contrary as they in reaction to unmanageable stimuli and vehement emotions turn antisocial. My prayers are with them and against their tormentors. I hope that I have the strength to forcefully critique the ugliness that befalls our society as we try to adjust to the criminal Insanity and cowardice of this tyrannical and truly rotten regime.


Thank you.

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