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Racist Trump cancels NW stop

Trump cancels his stop in Vancouver WA - just a stones throw from Little Beruit
Racist Trump Campaign Cancels Vancouver Event Amidst Massive Counter-Protests

Report by Anti-Fascist News

a nationalist, not a racist 08.May.2016 03:17


he puts the best people in charge of projects, and doesn't care how many woman, african americans, latinos, etc are in those positions. Only that they are the best person suited for the job.

If thats racist, then America need more racism like that.

closet racists and their spin 08.May.2016 11:43

nationalist crap

"he puts the best people in charge of projects, ..."?
what a load of crap!
he hasn't put anybody in "charge" [yet] opens his mouth and says his looney racist ideas to the whole world
which then empowers other racists to crawl out of the closet to join in on this "open hating"
[also] out come the spin doctors to play semantics and word games that mask the word racist as nationalist


"Nationalist", Like "Conspiracy Theorist" Is A CIA Construct 08.May.2016 12:43


Okay boys and girls, it's like this:

Nationalism has been around for a long time. People are born nationalist. You belong, are born into, this... or that.


But the CIA has perverted that. They created this anti-pattern idealism that this natural human response is evil.

The CIA is a Satanic religion.

People are nationalist because it's natural. Look what just happened to "Europe" when they forgot that.

The CIA opposes nationalism because it gives them a tool to fool the low-information masses.

Look at the destroyed "E.U."

It's dead now.

If they had had strategic score voting and elections could have been held every single year, the people could have defended themselves.

Now they are slaves to the U.S./Western phantocracy.