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Fbi are quite the murderous cowards

The United States of America belongs to cowardly & corrupt fbi assassins, not to the people.
The 'burro' (i.e.,:fbi)
The 'burro' (i.e.,:fbi)
A tragic lesson potentially facing our young men is the one I deal with and report as summarized here:

I served the *USA as a young, naive soldier in combat on the battlefield; and, together with other soldiers who gave or risked all, I believed in our nation and in our leaders. Not Now. Upon return home to work and study in a free America, I discovered that the hoodlums employed with the fbi (i.e.,the 'burro') and the police engage in high crimes in a most cowardly manner against our people, against our veterans, and against me. Low thugs of the fbi attack the best that America produces.

The United States of America is an insupportable regime which I denounce.


Sleep deprivation and other unconscionable offenses are the sportive activities of low, subhuman creatures in the 'burro' (fbi):


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To all fbi agents 07.May.2016 11:20

Geral gsosbee@gmail.com