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Obama, Saudis & Hillary Nervous Over 911 Lawsuit Publicity: Propaganda Blitz Underway

When CNN starts asking questions about Saudi complicity in the 911 attacks, you know that many insiders are freaking out. Especially the guy in the White House who swears he killed Bin Laden.
Let's start out by saying OBL was killed shortly after the 911 attacks in the Tora Bora area under heavy bombing by the USAF. His death was reported in major Islamic World newspapers. His pedigree as a member of the immensely wealthy Oil family guaranteed his death would be announced. His supposed death at the hands of the U.S. military in a fancy compound a stone's throw from the local military headquarters is a contemporary linchpin in the continuing coverup. Obama and the Dems are so nervous about the Saudi lawsuits by 911 families that they got together with CNN and professional troll Peter Bergen to produce tomorrow night's "special" on "how we got Bin Laden". Just to reinforce the fairy tale. Obama was funny last night at the correspondent's dinner. He has his comedy shtick down pat. But there's nothing funny about 911 or the continuing lies about what happened that day and what it really means. All the candidates know the truth of 911, including Sanders, who also raves on about OBL being the 911 mastermind. He's as full of shit as the rest of them. And Trump? Of course he knows the truth. He and Larry Silverman are bosom buddies. Trump sort of accused the Saudis of 911 complicity just to attract some "Patriot" votes. He'll never mention that again now that he's on the way to the GOP nomination. 911 is the Crux and the Crucible behind the scenes of today's politics. The initial major excuse for the "war on terror" has become the excuse for two major wars and the rise of Islamic radicalism (another Saudi product) not to mention the erosion of civil liberties globally. It's the reason for every fascist notion they throw at us and it's all a big fat lie.

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(wondering why ? you chose only to select "imperialism & war" to exclusion of other relevant topics)

Though this "Saudi _ 9/11" meme is perhaps more of a corporate mass media boondoggle (presently mission-creeping its way into the pResidential campaign rhetorical sh#tstorm) than any other...

Regarding the "Saudis and 9/11" meme, background and evolution :

it began 'mainstream' visibility in the mid-2000s after (leftist, not right-wing) Michael Moore "legitimized" it with his Fahrenheit movie.

i.e. a film that didn't really question any _real_ problems with the 9/11 official story, but merely alluded that
"Saudis" are somehow behind it all.

Anyway due to Moore's own mass media visibility (no matter what one might think of his politics),
everyone now knew, or at least had heard, about (some sort of purported) "Saudi _ 9/11" connection.

And of course, this gained traction over the past couple years with the '28 redacted pages' meme,
which is discussed below in a few articles ( in particular reference  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/08/430191.shtml )re-posted to Portland Indymedia under the "9.11 investigation" topic pages :

9.11 investigation

and the U.S corporate mass media "Saudi _ 9/11" attention of late has also been debunked / dissected by James Corbett among others (search YouTube in the past few weeks especially), as a somewhat classic example of 'limited hang out'.

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I did tick "911 Investigation" but the tick disappeared during the process wherein the whole upload appeared to fail. I was surprised to see the post had gone through anyway. Sometimes pics will vanish during an (apparent?) aborted upload also. Appreciate your links too.

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Here's the pics that vanished too.
Let the BS Begin!
Let the BS Begin!