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Iowa Republican Senator Grassley And Methods Of Chicken Mass Murder In the US

Grassley has added to the suffering of millions of chicks by reclassifying them as mail.
Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley
doesn't care for chick baby
females or males.
He worked successfully to
reclassify them as mere
commercial mail.

Charles Grassley
introduced a bill which became
law. It removes baby chicks
from humane protection
and reclassifies them as commercial
mail, to die on loading docks of thirst,
hunger, baking, freezing. One can hear
them chirping in certain post offices in
the flimsiest of cardboard boxes in which
they are easily smashed.

The US mail joins other forms of
chicken mass murder which include
a. the crusher baby chick males
sent alive on a conveyor belt
into a crusher.. they come out as paste
b. the eviscerator which drops them
into swirling drums full of knives
c. factory farms in general which
with their metal sheds during frequent
electricity outages become bake ovens
in the summer and freezers in the winter
d. deaths from overcrowding in factory
farms as the chickens are pecked to
e. diseases of toxoplasmosis and colon
bacteria (ecoli) from the accumulation
of chicken waste
f. avian spongiform encephalopathy or
Mad Chicken Disease as the chickens
are fed parts of other animals...
some legally, some illegally
g. slaughterhouses in which like
long lines of outdoor laundry they are hung upside
down before their throats are cut

Their subdivided bodies are sent to
cemeteries become human mouths..
their fragmented skeleton bones
to dumpsters.

debeaking machine

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