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Today it rained PURPLE in heaven

The following is my poem in tribute and the memory of Rogers Nelson known and loved by the world as PRINCE. May he R.I.P.
.Doves didn't just cry today
.A lonely elevator where a PRINCE lay
.Heartbeat no longer heard
.Leave more than "Diamonds and Pearls" to the world
.Gifted, artistic, majestic, with a vision
.That one doesn't even have to be beautiful
.To share his world and sung his word
.Doves and its flock of fans, the world cried today
.When his heart and soul screamed "TAKE ME AWAY!"

NEVER from our hearts......where a PRINCE will ALWAYS lay!

R.I.P in Purple Rain where you are finally dry with the Diamonds and Pearls of our hearts leading you on your way.