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Merrick Garland, Speedy Executioner, Denier Of Prisoner Rights

Merrick Garland as government prosecutor calling for the execution of Timothy McVeigh in the OKC bombing carried out a very hasty execution of McVeigh,
denying McVeigh access to the media to tell his story of being washed out of the Rangers and sought out by the CIA to do the bombing. The agency, he said, gave him 2 million dollars cash and stole it back after the bombing as they simultaneously
notified the Justice Dept. where to fin dhim. Many court records remain sealed in violation of the 1st Amendment.
Garland also denied prisoners detained in the illegal Guantanamo jail access to the courts.
Garland has been called worse even than Scalia on prisoner rights
Garland has been called worse even than Scalia on prisoner rights
Merrick Garland, Speedy Executioner, Denier Of Prisoner Rights

Within 2 days of his first term, populists in America realized Obama was just another wolf in sheep's clothing. His nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court is more of the same, indicating an executioner justice who would continue policies of endless war and denial of prisoner rights.

Merrick Garland received a 76 to 23 vote for the US Court of Appeals District of Columbia. It should be an immediate red flag that Garland has done nothing to irritate the party of the militaristic rich.

OKC Bombing Coverup


Obama nominee Merrick Garland, a Justice Department prosecutor, covered up the role of the CIA in recruiting Timothy McVeigh to bomb the Oklahoma City building.

McVeigh \after washing out of the Rangers was recruited by the CIA for a black op, the OKC bombing. The agency gave him 2 million dollars cash, but after arranging for his arrest, they stole back the money. Government agency conspirators pick presiding investigators who will cover up their crimes.

Like 911, the OKC bombing was a government black op designed to erode individual liberties.

2a. In his prosecution of Timothy McVeigh, another patsy, Merrick Garland worked for McVeigh's execution. The haste with which ithe government murder was carried out is in sharp contrast to the length of time most executions in the 4 states still murdering prisoners have taken. Garland said that the government would work hard to find the perpetrators. This was disingenuous, since the CIA had immediately told the Justice Dept. where to find McVeigh and he was within custody within 2 days of the bombing. Hillary Clinton and Merrick Garland share their support of government murder (the death penalty) despite the fact that over 3/4 of the world and 42 states have no executions.

2b. Merrick Garland and the government denied Timothy McVeigh access to the media, to tell the story about the CIA's recruitment of him and payment of 2 million to him. Perhaps that was one reason for the unjudicial haste of the execution.

3 Merrick Garland was chosen to prosecute the socalled unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. He rejected an insantty plea for the man who had killed 1 person

4 In 2003 Merrick Garland ruled that Guantanamo Bay detainees could not seek relief in civilian courts. al Odah v. United States slate dot com

5 Merrick Garland showed little mercy in deciding on defendant appeals

6 Garland in 2010 voted to end federal limits on contributions to independent political groups. He further expanded the ruling that money is speech and paved the way for greater buying of elections.SpeechNow.org v. FEC in 2010

7 The DC appellate court is also the avenue for the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Roberts wrote a brief advocating torture for the Republican administration.

8 Garland has an authoritarian record and a high percentage of cases in which he backs up federal agencies.

9 Some of Garland's cases

a. Amfac Resorts v Dept of Interior

282 F.3d 818 (2002), vacated sub nom. National Park Hosp. Ass'n v. Department of Interior, 538 U.S. 803 (2003).

10 Judge Garland was on a a panel which ruled that the FCC's revocation of a license was subject to the restrictions of the Bankruptcy Code. The Supreme Court affirmed. NextWave Personal Comms V FCC , 253 F.3d 130 (2001), aff'd, 537 U.S. 293 (2003).

Women's and black rights groups on Democracy Now and elsewhere have
criticized Obama's failure to increase diversity with his nomination of Garland to the Supreme Court.

12 NPR's Nina Totenberg's several minute piece on Garland sounded as if done by the campaign manager for his nomination. No Garland critic was questioned. Nor was there any discussion of his record of harshness toward prisoners or his other decisions.

None of the 4 current Harvard Law graduates on the court nor Garland have publicly opposed Harvard's warmonger investments nor its underground laboratories torturing animals.

On the present court, 5 Catholics, 3 Jews, 1 African American, 1 Latino, and 3 women candidates have made it over the hurdles to become justices. There have never been Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or Asian members of the court, nor an African American woman. While Protestants are the majority religion in the US, there is not a single Protestant on the court.

Those backing Sri Srinivasan for the court had hoped he would be the first Hindu.

Terry O'Neill, president of the women's rights group NOW:

"It's unfortunate that President Obama felt it was necessary to appoint a nominee to the Supreme Court whose record on issues pertaining to women's rights is more or less a blank slate. Equally unfortunate is that we have to continue to wait for the first African American woman to be named. For this nomination, the so-called political experts ruled that the best choice for the highest court in the nation was a cipher—a real nowhere man."

"Slate's Mark Joseph Stern called the president's decision to nominate Garland "extremely disappointing." German Lopez at Vox wondered if the notoriously conservative Scalia had a more liberal record on criminal justice issues than Garland did." -Emily Shire-

Decision of the court in giving torturers immunity:

Giving Immunity TO Caci, A Private Security Firm Which Tortured AT
ABU Ghraib

The US Appeals Court DC Used Their Gavels To Ratify Torture

The US Court of Appeals, District of Columbia has been a rubber stamper of violent illegal and immoral military and intelligence policy of the US government. For instance, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote a brief advocating torture when on the DC Appeals Court. Caci is based in Arlington, Virginia

Merrick B. Garland, Chief Judge
Karen LeCraft Henderson
Judith W. Rogers
David S. Tatel
Janice Rogers Brown
Thomas B. Griffith
Brett M. Kavanaugh
Sri Srinivasan
Patricia A. Millett
Cornelia T.L. Pillard
Robert L. Wilkins
Harry T. Edwards
Laurence H. Silberman
Stephen F. Williams
Douglas H. Ginsburg
David B. Sentelle
A. Raymond Randolph

The Washington Post and other corporate media often do not give the names of the judges who quash the Bill of Rights

Merrick Garland and the government denied Timothy McVeigh access to the media, to tell the story about the CIA's recruitment of him and payment of 2 million to him.

More on Oklahoma City

I Merrick Garland , Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, and Oklahoma City bombing government prosecutor demanding the death penalty, denied Timothy McVeigh access to the media to tell his story of being recruited by the CIA after washing out of the Rangers. The agency gave him 2 million in cash and stole it back after the bombing as they simultaneously told the Justice Department where to find him. The execution was one of the hastiest in modern times, perhaps to make sure the muzzling of McVeigh continued permanently.

II Besides denying the press access to McVeigh, Garland and the judge caused Hundreds of documents to be sealed. Despite media lawsuits, many of them remained sealed. Garland and the government were carefully managing to keep the truth under wraps.

Please ask your senators to demand a better nominee

202 224 3121 senate.gov

Media and sealed records in McVeigh trial






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