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Video: Protesting the Citizens Crime Commission Fundraiser in Portland 4.1.16

Protesters gathered outside the NE Police Training facility on Airport Way to raise their concerns about a private 1,000 dollar fundraiser that allowed the rich (who can afford that price) a chance to come inside the public building and fraternize with police as they show off their equipment and police toys.
This protest started at 8 AM and lasted a couple hours

Cars were filmed arriving for the event, some folks were observed being asked if they paid 1,ooo to enter inside the special / privileged fundraiser.

The 35+ protesters mostly stayed on the sidewalk with their signs and were not approached by the police or the privileged attendees

The 45 min video of this protest | action is on YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/A6TKk19XMOo
This video can also be downloaded or viewed on Archive[dot]org as well here:

JoAnn Hardesty, reads a full letter that was addressed to the Police and to City Council at 21:13 in this video.


The Citizens Crime Commission, which recently appointed former Portland
Police Chief Mike Reese as its executive director, is holding on 4.1.16 a charity
event for $1000 per person which focuses on violent police tactics. While
the non-profit talks about wanting to "improve civility and strengthen
crime," the invitation-only event "Meet the Heat" reads more like an
invitation to fetishize cops and robbers mentality.

The NAACP Portland Branch voted to hold an action on Friday April 1st 2016
starting at 8:00 AM

The protest was outside the Portland Police Training Facility
which is located at 14912 NE Airport Way at 8:00am on Friday. It is
billed as "Meet the Heat!" Come see police maneuvers in their cars, meet
the K9 Unit, meet hero cop Paul Meyer (though they don't say what makes
him a hero).

The whole event is the wrong message to send to a community under a
settlement agreement with the U.S. Justice Department for using excessive
force against persons with or perceived mental health issues.

Original information regarding this Fundraiser is online here on Portland Indymedia:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com