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Tax Time! - April 15th.

Let the Sons of Liberty do their Damnedest in the Spirit of Boston Harbor's call for "No Taxation Without Representation". That is the War We the People are In. This Day Will Stand as to What and Who You are Made of.
Declaration of War

On this Day, April 3rd, of 2016, I Am Asking for the Declaration of for War for the Return of the United States to Its People.

To the Best of My Knowledge, the Following Has Transpired.

The Presidency, and the Choice of the Presidential Office by Vote, is no longer in the Hands of the Common Citizen. That We the People are no longer Represented by this Office, but that Corporate and Criminal Interest have taken these Rights from the People of the United States.
That the Media has been Subverted Across All Platforms for over 70 years. And that Key Position in Media, Entertainment, Politics, Corporate and Religious Organization have been replaced with Felons and Prostitutes to fill the Seats for the Ultimate Purpose and Control of this Nation.
That, National Security, and the 17 Agencies Charged with the Very Defense of this Nation that has Allowed this Criminal Usurpation of Power, have Also been Corrupted and have failed in the Defense of the American People and Our Nation.

Actions and Intent

To Refuse to Pay Any More Tax Monies to the Government of the United States of America, until there is Clear Motions Made to Correct these Egregious Wrongs to the People, and Return the Rights of Free Expression and the Freedom of the Press to Its People.
To Boycott Any Company, Corporation, or Entity or Agency, be it Public or Private, that Fails to Demand the People's Rights be Returned to Them.
That the Sanctity of Both the Presidency and the Supreme Court be Restored with a Vote of the People in a Clear and Transparent Manner.
That the United States Military Take the Lead in the Insurance of this Endeavor, until the People of the United States are Satisfied, and Have their Lawful, and Constitutionally Protected Rights Returned to Them.
On April 15th, of this Year 2016, the 240th Year of Our Nation's Existence, to Have the People Throw Tax (SIC) and Nails in the Path of Any Enemy that Would Hinder the Process of the Restoration of American's Rights, Liberties and Peace, be it Business, Agency, or Criminal Enterprise.

With These Actions, I Hope to Restore America's Pride, Integrity and Dignity. We, As a People, Must Act in Our Own Defense. With the Loss of the Free Press, We have No Voice in the Directions of Our Future. There is No Safety, With No Safe Foundation. In the Truth. The Presidency, of the Judicial Body.

Signed, this Day of April 3rd, 2016 Tracy Mapes (Patriot, Newsman, American)

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Anytime. Anywhere. 04.Apr.2016 08:12

Tracy Mapes

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The collateral damage will be worth saving your country.