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The Portland NAACP will protest at Citizens Crime Commission April 1st - 8AM

Protesting the: Citizens Crime Commission Supports Violent Police Tactics for Fundraiser

The Citizens Crime Commission, which recently appointed former Portland
Police Chief Mike Reese as its executive director, is holding a charity
event for $1000 per person which focuses on violent police tactics. While
the non-profit talks about wanting to "improve civility and strengthen
crime," the invitation-only event "Meet the Heat" reads more like an
invitation to fetishize cops and robbers mentality.
The NAACP Portland Branch voted to hold an action on Friday April 1st 2016
starting at 8:00 AM

The Portland Police Foundation & the Citizens Crime Commission are holding
a fundraiser at $1,000 per person at the Portland Police Training Facility
located at 14912 NE Airport Way from 9:00am-2:00pm on Friday. It is
billed as "Meet the Heat!" Come see police maneuvers in their cars, meet
the K9 Unit, meet hero cop Paul Meyer (though they don't say what makes
him a hero).

The whole event is the wrong message to send to a community under a
settlement agreement with the U.S. Justice Department for using excessive
force against persons with or perceived mental health issues.

Since our call for a legal opinion on whether this is a misuse of public
resources has gone unanswered by the Mayor and Portland City Council, we
will let our voices be heard.

We are encouraging people to bring cameras and recording devices. We want
to know who in our community can buy access to Portland police.


Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2016 15:10:04
From: Portland Copwatch < copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org>
Subject: NEWS: Citizens Crime Commission Supports Violent Police Tactics
for Fundraiser

Portland Copwatch
(a project of Peace and Justice Works)
PO Box 42456
Portland, OR 97242
(503) 236-3065 (office)
(503) 321-5120 (incident report line)


For immediate release February 29, 2016

Citizens Crime Commission Supports Violent Police Tactics for Fundraiser

The Citizens Crime Commission, which recently appointed former Portland
Police Chief Mike Reese as its executive director, is holding a charity
event for $1000 per person which focuses on violent police tactics. While
the non-profit talks about wanting to "improve civility and strengthen
crime," the invitation-only event "Meet the Heat" reads more like an
invitation to fetishize cops and robbers mentality.

 link to i2.wp.com


There is no mention of community police relations, de-escalation,
institutional racism or Crisis Intervention, only "Emergency Vehicle
Maneuvers, Firearms and Tasers, Realistic Scenarios, Defensive Tactics,
the Special Emergency Response Team and K9 Unit!" [exclamation point-sic]

Perhaps it is an April Fool's joke as the CCC's event is scheduled on
April 1, to raise funds for the Portland Police Foundation-- though the
$1000 donation also gets you an "associate membership" in the CCC.

In the shadow of the US Department of Justice Agreement with the City of
Portland to reduce unnecessary use of force, this seems an ill-advised
means to attract donors who wish to support law enforcement and reduce
crime. It looks more like an ad for a "Lethal Weapon" sequel.

Portland Copwatch calls upon the CCC to cancel or re-focus the event on
real ways the Portland Police can help make the community safer without
glamorizing the violence which we are told is only used in a fraction of
all police contacts.

For more information contact Portland Copwatch at 503-236-3065.

NAACP Portland Chapter President JoAnn Hardesty just announced
information about the NAACP upcoming action protesting the "Meet the Heat"
fundraiser scheduled for Friday at the Bureau's training facility.

You may also have seen it was quoted in the Willamette Week's
"murmurs" last Wednesday:
 link to www.wweek.com

On JoAnn's weekly Thursday morning show on KBOO last Thursday
(  http://kboo.fm/voicesfromtheedgeon032416 ) it was mentioned that people
who donate the $1000 will receive a "badge." It's not clear whether that
means a Portland Police Bureau badge, but it might-- I was reminded
recently that the reason the cops who were disciplined for posting "I Am
Darren Wilson" were dinged for behavior and not misuse of a badge is that
the Bureau never copyrighted their badge.

3 pictures 01.Apr.2016 10:17

joe anybody

40 to 50 people show up to protest the event

more info | press release 01.Apr.2016 18:51


It was a good turnout for being way out in the middle of nowhere early in the morning on short notice--about 35 folks. Jo Ann did a great job and we had her signs, after about an hour and a half she read her prepared statement of objection (below) and then she led a charge into the actual building. We were met by--surprise--cops. She negotiated and delivered our message and her written statement and no one was arrested, so we are all free to commit further peace and justice business today!



NAACP Portland Chapter 1120B

P.O. Box 12333

Portland, OR 97233

Jo Ann Hardesty, President Maileen Hamto, 3rd VP

James Posey, 1st Vice President Mellissa Lang, Asst. Secretary

Cynthia Harris, 2nd Vice President Bryant Enge, Treasure

Press Statement

For immediate release

1 April 2016

Good morning, I am Jo Ann Hardesty, President, NAACP Portland Branch. On March 12, 2016 I became aware that the newly formed Portland Police Foundation & the Citizen Crime Commission, both under the leadership of Mike Reese, former Portland Police Chief, had organized a fundraiser they titled Meet the Heat, for today from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Yes, it's April Fools Day, but I only wish this were a joke. If it were, it would be a bad one.

The promotional flyer sought donors willing to pay $1,000 for the privilege of meeting "hero" cop Paul Meyer, meeting the K9 unit, seeing tactical maneuvers—basically glorifying police violence. Why? To raise money for two nonprofit organizations whose sole purpose for existing is to advocate for more police services and more aggressive policing tactics—more taxpayer funding and less accountability.

As a voter in the city of Portland I immediately reached out to my Mayor and City Council to make them aware of my outrage at the message this advertisement sends at a time where we are told the Mayor and the City Council and Portland Police are committed to reforming the culture and practices of Portland Police Bureau.

What is wrong with people with the ability to pay $1,000 to hang out with Portland Police officers for the day? In my view there are several significant problems with this event and I shared my concerns with my elected officials. They are:

· This event is taking place at a public facility, on public time, during public business hours, with public employees.

· This event is only available for people with the means to pay $1,000.

· The two organizations do not serve a public interest but rather a narrow special interest: police officers.

· Former Police Chief Mike Reese's proven poor community relational judgment; Reese posted billboards equating helping houseless people with supporting addiction.

· Former Police Chief Mike Reese was disqualified from the last mayoral race in part because of his statement that response to a rape victim 911-call was impacted by police interaction with Occupy Portland, which was disputed by the 911 recording. That significant abuse of the facts helped force his ouster from the mayoral competition.

As is their habit when you write the whole city council the only communication you get back is filtered through the mayor's office. I received the initial response on March 17th 2016. I received an email from Deeana Weston Mitchell, (the Portland Police officer Mayor Hales hired as his Pubic Policy Community Liaison for the Police Bureau and she agreed that the marketing could have been better but the money will support a police bureau initiative so basically I should get excited by the potential for community academies! I have copies of her own word if you would like it after this event.

That's like saying beating your wife is ok because you get the results you were looking for. Mis-using public resources and then telling the public they will benefit is not leadership. Stopping this self-serving use of police resources would have shown leadership but holding this event anyway for an elite only reinforces the us vs them mentality between communities of color, houseless communities, anyone with a mental health issue, and immigrants and refugees who don't have this type of access to law enforcement in a fun filled environment that's about reinforcing a culture of violence.

For me, once I learned that the participants will get membership into the Portland Police Foundation and the Citizen Crime Commission, a program of the Portland Business Alliance, I was further dismayed. Why would we allow a business lobbying organization that has a very narrow agenda charge the public to enter a building that the public paid for and frame it in such an aggressive way? I believe this reflects the style and arrogance of the leadership of both organizations and my outrage is that it should never have been sanctioned. Do you think Black Lives Matter could hold a fundraiser here if they said they would use the money to teach young people their rights when they encounter the police? No, it would not be sanctioned.

Portland Police Association and Mayor Hales allege we need more police officers but I allege if we can close the desperately need training facility most of the day on a work day and have police officers available from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. we may have too many police officers without enough to do and maybe it's time to start thing of how to do more with fewer police officers.

It's ironic we are standing at the Portland Police Training Facility one year into the settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice after a finding of Portland Police use of excessive force on people with or perceived to have mental health issues. Wouldn't it be great if Portland police invited the public in to see how they had been retrained to de-escalate situations and how they value all human life? So far we have seen little systems reform but we've spent millions already in the police bureau on this reform and we have four long years to go. I'm surprised the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division hasn't weighed-in based on their findings in their investigation of Portland Police.

Last month the Racial Equity Disparities report produced by the MacArthur Foundation found Blacks are 600 percent more likely to be charged by the Multnomah County District Attorney's office, yet the only pubic official to express outrage was County Commissioner Loretta Smith. How do people get to the DA's office to face charges? They encounter a police officer! If this event was a community conversation about Portland Police role in creating these outcomes and what role they will play in correcting this outrageous situation, I would support using this facility today.

Last but certainly not least, community members have been injured and killed by overaggressive policing in Portland. Whether we speak of James Chasse, Kendra James, Jahar Perez, Jose Mejia Poot, Keaton Otis—all of whom lost their lives at the hands of Portland Police (or with James Chasse, Multnomah County sheriffs). There are many more names, too many names, yet no one is held accountable.

We need a police bureau in Portland that values all lives, not just their own.

U-Stream video from the protest Meet The Heat 01.Apr.2016 19:53

LiveStream Rep

 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/85159812 - 1 hour and 20 minutes

#MeetTheHeat - video is from Mungencakes

Video: Meet the Heat Protest 28.Apr.2016 18:02

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

The video from this "Meet the Heat" protest can be found here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/04/432062.shtml