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Does It Even Matter Who Is (USA) President?

yes, you read the headline.... and natch, radicals will agree/say "of course it doesn't, establishment system is corrupt, community organizing is what actually does matter" [blues]'Simple Score Voting' etc.

But that isn't my overall point in raising this here.

I'm talking about the 2016 presidential election cycle, where relative "outliers" from both left and right seem to have captured imagination of millions of American voters from (purportedly) 'different sides' early in the campaigns.

For your consideration and analysis (please discuss-comment), below is quoted a comment about candidate Donald Trump from a right-leaning message board this morning :
[ user comment quote ]
In my opinion, the Don is chaos. He's a wildcard, a wrench in the works. He's the Heath Ledger Joker.

It's telling about the American political scene that millions of people would rather have The Joker in charge than another politician. They believe the Republicans and Democrats are ****ing them so hard that they'd rather have a raving nutter in charge. And I'm not sure that I disagree.

I found the ^ above comment to be enlightening about the typical American voter of 2016.

What do you think about this comment, in that regard ?

Please discuss.

fwiw and my opinion: I do not think any one of the leading front runner candidates for the White House as of late March 2016,
can or will make our lives any "worse" than they are right now.

And (barring a natural or financial catastrophe/total collapse) the establishment economic, political and military  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/03/431844.shtml systems will soldier on unabated.

I like a bit of chaos... 19.Mar.2016 11:58


while anything (everything) might have limitations, I'll offer (supposedly) Winnie Churchill,

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

And then offer the Oracle at Delphi, her mottos before, as well as after Apollo killed Typhon.

"know thyself"
"nothing in excess"

And who in hell listened?

Ask your doctor about voting!!! 19.Mar.2016 18:11


( results ) ... 20.Mar.2016 14:08


so based on the relative lack of response/discussion here,

conclude that among left radical activists the topic of 'who is USA President' is not of much (or any?) concern; nor are the composition/targets of support of the electorate themselves.


the #BlackLivesMatter / MoveOn / whoever they are activists are still turning out lately to block roads in Utah and Arizona for Trump rallies, so somehow leftist activists are "concerned" (?) at least about the possibility of a Trump presidency.
(unless the aforementioned road-blocking activists, are merely posers / provocateurs / otherwise paid-off or not who they appear to be ............ )

Anyway as noted in the original post, the real purpose of this topic thread was to discuss the general mindset and 'capability of awareness/knowledge' of the typical-average American voter, whether they support Bernie or Donald (or who-whatever else), in an election year where two outliers have gained the support of millions vs. the established two-party plutocracy. Apparently such a topic is of little to no use for PDX IMC users.