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Lloyd Hart

It's a scam but it shouldn't put you off voting your conscience,
Americans must unite against the Trump/Clinton Scam.

By Lloyd Hart

The republican party and Donald Trump are totally irrelevant in the 2016 US presidential election as they can only ever get 25% of the voting age public out to the polls which is why they love voter suppression. They can only steal low turnout close elections without being caught. If the republican party breaks into two parties or a suicidal convention fight breaks out, Trump will have succeeded in giving a low turnout election to Clinton. Clinton can't win against a united republican party as she will not create the requisite excitement which is why I believe Trump and the corporate media that created him are really in the bag for Clinton. Clinton will maintain the same low wage economy we are experiencing now thanks to her corporate masters. She will support the TPP once in office and will change nothing in the existing trade scams.

The real debate in America is between Sanders and Clinton or the real left vs. the liberal right but all of the corporate media are deliberately stumping for Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump pretending like all the news and Reality TV drama of the campaign season is on the republican side who don't have even a hopeful chance of taking the white house in Nov.. The American public are no longer fooled by this game of "Bread and Circus" but the corporate media will continue their game plan anyway in the interest of alienating and demoralizing the people that might get off the couch to vote for Bernie.

Mean while Green Party members are coming out for Bernie and pitching the idea of Jill Stein becoming Bernie's running mate. This tells me that if Bernie is denied the nomination it would be prudent for Bernie folks and Green party folks to join together to give Independents, Greens and Progressives a majority ticket of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein against the real choice of corporate America, $hillary Clinton. The Green party should seriously consider nominating Bernie to lead the Green Party (with Jill Stein in the VP slot) which is already on the path to being on the ballot. This is the only way out of the nightmare we are all experiencing under the corporate and military oligarchy.

See? You Are Lost Without Strategic Simple Score Voting! 18.Mar.2016 15:51


Your stupid vote "counts"? No, don't be stupid.

Abolish the single selection. And the Soros funded "IRV" (which is bullshit).

Do your homework:

Old Times -- Good Times -- Teenage Love

Stop The Madness!

Without this, you have the choices the (corporate) parties provide.


News for blues (and Lloyd) 20.Mar.2016 17:26


the US voting system, is external to the operation and continued function of our Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy.

just look at the Pentagon for example (post preceding Lloyd's on PDX IMC newswire):

as of the National Security Act of 1947, and affirmed / clarified by President Eisenhower's farewell address, there are a lot of other priorities than "We The People", elections every 4 years etc.

events of 11 September 2001, passage of USA Patriot Act, Citizens United, 2008 Wall Street bailout, Affordable Care Act [gravy-train giveaway in perpetuity to the banking/insurance industry] etc. are further extensions of the Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy's chokehold.

why haven't the anarchists and their activities/communities yet been eradicated?

Because by their very nature, they are an insubstantial threat to the continued operation of the Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy. It will continue to run roughshod unabated over your 'vote', your activism, your 'free speech' etc.

I Guess We Must Simply Give Up, Then 21.Mar.2016 08:11


"the US voting system, is external to the operation and continued function of our Corporate Capitalist Plutocracy." -- (--)

Since "What difference does it make?" -- We might as well just get machine-free, strategic score voting anyway.

And also, have all officers serve one year terms and have new elections every year.

Why not, if it doesn't matter?