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Obama Nominates Oklahoma City Bombing Prosecutor To SCOTUS

In 1993, Merrick Garland joined the new Clinton administration as deputy assistant attorney general in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.[2] The following year, then-Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick—a key mentor of Garland's[11]—asked Garland to be her principal deputy.[2]
In that role, Garland's responsibilities included the supervision of the Oklahoma City bombing prosecutions, the UNABOM prosecution, and the Atlanta Olympics bombings investigations.[2] The Oklahoma City bombing case was a key moment in Garland's prosecutorial career. Garland insisted on being sent to Oklahoma City in the aftermath of the attack to examine the crime scene and oversee the investigation in preparation for the prosecution.[12] Garland oversaw search warrants, interacted with law enforcement agencies, and met with surviving victims. He represented the government at the preliminary hearings of the two main defendants in the case, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.[12] The New York Times reported that "Garland insisted on doing the investigation by the book, like obtaining subpoenas even when phone and truck rental companies volunteered to simply hand over evidence, to avoid any future trial problems. He also made sure there was a prosecutor responsible for keeping victims and relatives informed about the case as it developed."[12] Garland offered to lead the trial team, but could not because he was needed at the Justice Department headquarters. Garland instead helped pick the team and supervised it from Washington, where he was involved in major decisions, including the choice to seek the death penalty for McVeigh and Nichols.[12] Garland won praise for his work on the case from the Republican governor of Oklahoma, Frank Keating.[2]

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Mike Novack

That's what our political situation has come down to. This does NOT mean that under other circumstances Garland would have been Obama's choice. Just that he might be the best choice to create the greatest difficulties for the Republicans without being too conservative a choice.

Back when the Republicans declared that they wouldn't consider ANY Obama nominee, if you were following commentary discussing Obama's options, doing precisely this was described as one of them.