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Free Ebook "Alternative Economics" - March 13-March 17

Austrian, Swiss, Polish and German critical economists could show us the way to future-friendly economics respectful of human dignity and the rights of nature.
New 140-page ebook anthology "Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation" by Marc Batko, $2.99 Amazon Kindle from March 13-March 17. Enjoy the feast!

 link to www.amazon.com

The time is right for alternative economics, reducing working hours, redefining state and market and re-envisioning work, security, health and strength. More and more work is done by fewer and fewer people. In Germany, the GDP rose 300% in 50 years with 20% fewer workers.

Mainstream neoliberal economics has no answer to exploding inequality and destruction of nature.
- See more at:  http://www.freembtranslations.net/#sthash.yotGDJZV.dpuf

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