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ELECTION NEWS: Kevin Stine vs Sen. Ron Wyden = FAIR trade vs. FREE trade

"Who is Kevin Stine?" That was the question from folks upstate when the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign's board met recently in Eugene, Oregon. "People in Portland want to know who he is", said Michael Shannon, Director of the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign. The question looms large in these times as so many people have become so frustrated with Oregon's Senator Ron Wyden due to his corporate free trade views which for decades now have favored a rigged economy and profit over people.
The last few congressional breaks when Senator Wyden came back to Oregon from Washington DC he found a most growing concern. In town hall meeting after town hall meeting Senator Wyden heard the same thing from a wide variety of constituents: STOP the TPP! The groundswell has people pleading to the good senator to stop his free trade agenda and stand up for Oregonians. Working people are so sick and tired of one trade deal after another, from NAFTA to now the TPP, this Trans-Pacific Partnership which continue to send good paying, living wage jobs oversees. This major contention has simmered towards boiling point. People say enough is enough!

This background presented as framework for the pressing question, "Who is Kevin Stine and why is he challenging Senator Ron Wyden in Oregon's primary election?"

Start with his webpage
Kevin Stine for US Senate | The Right Choice for Oregon

Here you see Kevin's stance on issues that mean so much to ordinary people. Note what is stated regarding the TPP, this excerpted from Kevin's submission for the Voters Pamphlet

No Trans-Pacific Partnership

"Democratic Party voters deserve to hear an answer from Senator Wyden, instead he has been playing politics by evading questions. We need to be loud and proud to protect ourselves from job-killing trade agreements. Wyden voted for NAFTA, CAFTA, the China Trade Bill, and deregulating Wall-Street with the repeal of Glass-Steagall. The results have been disastrous for our county. We don't need the TPP. We need another US Senator with values such as Bernie Sanders, Jeff Merkley and Elizabeth Warren who will stand up against the TPP. I will be that US Senator."

For those closer to Medford the Jackson County Democrats are hosting a candidate forum Wednesday, March 16, 6 - 8 pm at the RCC/SOU Higher Learning Center, corner of Bartlett and 8th streets. Kevin Stine will be there and so will a representative for Senator Ron Wyden.

I hope you find this informative. Thank you for asking about candidate Kevin Stine.

Wes Brain, board member
Oregon Fair Trade Campaign