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The end of fbi is near

As the people learn of the murderous and criminal minds that dominate all fbi operations, that dirty agency ceases to exist.
The fbi cannot continue to exist as the people learn of the murderous and criminal minds of its agents, operatives and employees. Indeed, all so called law enforcement in USA is corrupt, decadent and unfit to serve the people *because the cops at every level are programmed by the homicidal sociopaths of fbi.

From inside the belly of the bestial fbi, I report:



The fbi retaliates against me in a most 'grim' manner:


Thank you.


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Society of Former Special Agents of the Fbi, Inc

Front Cover
Turner Publishing Company Staff
Turner Publishing Company, 1996 - 256 pages
0 Reviews
This is the compelling, never before told story of the FBI. Explore the adventures of former Special Agents through the personal stories that could only be told by them. This volume includes the history of the FBI & Special Agents, biographies & photographs of former Special Agents, personal stories, a roster containing more than 7,000 names, awards & decorations, memorials, index & hundreds of photographs.

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My review - Edit review
This book contains some biographical information on geral w. sosbee, and in the context of  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com the fbi history book also serves as foundation for 1)establishing the bona fides of Sosbee (one of the few living former agents featured in the book)as a credible fbi whistleblower and 2)understanding the perceived need for the fbi to discredit, torture and ultimately kill Sosbee who is currently a Target of fbi/cia goon squads for reporting the widespread criminal activities and macabre culture of the fbi/cia.
Turner Publishing Company (TBC) cannot properly continue to prevent the viewing of the 'Sosbee' page in the book, and therefore TBC should restore the full article with photo, etc., on line for public viewing, now. In the alternative, Turner Publishing Company may want to follow the Nazi tradition of a public burning of all books and articles which feature legitimate critics of the fbi/cia sociopathic personnel and homicidal hit squads.

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