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Camping | Sleeping - Homeless Houseless - Portland 2016 Rules

Information I have recently found regarding camping | sleeping on the sidewalk in Portland in 2016
I was walking around old town a few weeks ago copwatching [nothing to report] and received a few informational flyers / cards regarding the sidewalk use and ODOT property etc.

One was a sheet of paper [2 sides] that was received around the Right 2 Dream camp on Burnside.

The smaller water-proof [2 sides] card was handing out under the Steel Bridge by an aid to the Mayor.

While on the topic of the never-ending-rules on sidewalk sharing in Portland, I video-recorded meeting from "Sharing the Sidewalk" Public - Discussions held by the city in 2010 -2012 that video archive link is here:  http://www.joeanybody.com/id23.html

As of today all these "rules may have changed again" by those sleeping in their warm homes while clutching their reins of power.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

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I will try to upload larger size pictures asap

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Thanks, Joe.

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