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Willamette Week: Sad Commentary on responsible "Journalism"

WW published a derisive article re: city council candidacy without doing any research and without interviewing me.
Journalistic integrity and basic curiosity are sorely lacking in Beth Slovic's uninformed and derisive article about the merits of my candidacy for city council. Without doing any research Slovic and her editor claim there is a "lack scientific evidence" regarding biological effects of chronic microwave exposure to microwaves from school wi-fi.

A journalist has the responsibility to society to be factual and informed because to do otherwise may cause harm.

It is possible that Slovic may be a victim of digital dementia—a new term that has risen from the relevant psychiatric community. Culture is the enemy.

Had Ms. Slocum visited my website she would have seen statements from a Harvard Pediatric Neurologist, The American Academy of Pediatric Physicians, The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the EPA, The European Parliament, the California Medical Association, the California Teachers Union, The International Firefighters Association and too many other organizations and agencies to list here that have made strong statements against locating industrial strength Wi-Fi routers and cell towers in and near schools.

Ms. Slovic did not return my call. My website for those who are curious is: www.wirelesswatchblog.org

Endorsing my campaign are:

Dr. Devra Davis, Nobel Prize Winning President -- Environmental Health Trust (President Clinton appointee to Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board)

Frank Clegg, Former CEO, Microsoft Canada, Founder Citizens 4 Safe Technology

Lloyd Morgan, Senior Science Advisor for E.H.T, distinguished member of the Scientific Panel, International EMF Conference, Stavanger, Norway

Barrie Trower, Former MI5 Microwave Weapons Specialist, (British Military Intelligence).

homepage: homepage: http://www.wirelesswatchblog.org

DM, WW did the right thing 14.Mar.2016 08:52


DM, I think it was actually responsible to not interview you. It's almost as if PCW wouldn't let you in their club so you made up another "watch".