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Ongoing weekly anti-TPP gathering

I'm going to attempt to post a catch-all type of announcement this time, and publish a contact through which one can automatically receieve an email notification each week of dates, times, and places, because those can slightly vary.
First and foremost, the notification itself:

Join the Vancouver anti-TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) vigil Thursday, March 10th @ 2 PM at Senators Murray"s and Cantwell's office (Marshall House,1323 Officer's Row). We are targeting Murray and Cantwell because they voted for the TPP fast track enabling legislation. Right now the TPP does not have the votes in Congress. We want to keep it that way. We are up against President Obama's and the Trade Representative's unrelenting lobbying of Congress in favor of it. At 3 PM we will be moving to the Evergreen I-5 overpass for banner waving. Hope you can join us for one or both stages of event, or portions of either or both, in this important campaign. Signs and some measure of flyers may be available for use.

That out of the way, since it seems as if the calendar here at Indymedia is at times insufficient (as a matter of course, not because it's some 'bad thing' in and of itself), here is a contact through which one can receive in email the notifications of this ad hoc group:

Subscribe to  VancouverforPeace@lists.riseup.net to receive weekly notifications.

Again, the anti-TPP group is only loosely associated in purpose to Vancouver For Peace through its use Vancouver For Peace's Riseup server as a one notification vehicle at this point, among other methods. This list is strictly held to events only with, at worst, very minor exception. Vancouver For Peace has been itself an ad hoc group devoted to peace principles for over a decade on Riseup, and is greatly aware of what some might think is an annoyance of barrages of email for causes. It is moderated for all posts to its list, so one can be assured that its content is kept to absolute minimum for the sake of those subscribers who might only have momentary and specific reasons for subscribing. This list's 'unsubscription' is handled by people, not bots (though Riseup has its own bot for such) and one can be assured that request for unsubscription is handled in a timely manner. One should be aware, though, of Riseup's general practices, available on its homepage  http://www.lists.riseup.net.

Oh...One other thing. Vancouver For Peace will NEVER ask for either money or information. Personal name itself isn't necessary, just a valid email address.

And, while I'm at it, I should plug Riseup in general. Cruise though the list of groups worldwide who use Riseup for their purposes, and one could find others of your same personal viewpoint and particular causes. One should be aware that there are a wide variety of lists that may have some measure of membership constriction, from private groups through those expressly and intently public and consequently very busy. Most of us here at Indymedia are likely familiar with Riseup, but, again, before subscription to any one group one should become casually familiar with Riseup policies as well as the policy strategy of the particular group. Remember, they are world-wide and cover all kinds of alternative causes.

Did I miss anything? Questions can be put to the same address above,  vacouverforpeace@lists.riseup.net.

misspelling 07.Mar.2016 12:57


Sorry for the misspelling in the last sentence.

Just to repeat, w/correction: Questions can be put to the same address above,  vancouverforpeace@lists.riseup.net

It's just across the river.

How To Get Started - Question 07.Mar.2016 16:09


I live in a small rural town of 30,000.

What do we do first to get an anti-TPP protest going? Any materials available? Where to start?