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The momentum story: How the Bernie Sanders crowd can still win

The media and the political class have called it Bernie Sanders has lost the Democratic Presidential nomination. They are flat wrong, and not for the first time. Here's the real story: the Sanders campaign is changing the laws of political physics just like Trump did, only far more profoundly. The Bernie crowd is building the most extraordinary grassroots momentum I have ever seen.
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I write from first-hand experience: I am reporting from inside the Bernie campaign. Having observed dozens of campaigns around the world before, I have never seen anything quite like this. The media are telling their own stale and circular story of stalled momentum, defeat and superdelegate-powered inevitability. Meanwhile the Bernie movement is growing faster than Facebook did and in much the same way.

Everyone knows the campaign is supported by a flood of small donations: this week it will hit the five-million mark. Bernie is raising more money than Hillary Clinton
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Sanders: Iowa Caucus Result "A Victory For Our Political Revolution" 06.Mar.2016 11:25

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Bernie gave it away 06.Mar.2016 12:47


Sorry, but the night when Bernie said "Nobody cares about your damn Emails" was where he lost.

It told everybody he was not serious about prosecuting an effective campaign to be president. He wanted instead to get a message out. He has succeeded in that.

Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, Setting up an email server to hide pay for play corruption from the public is a felony. The classified emails is how she got caught. Her aids Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills will most likely be indicted.

Not really 06.Mar.2016 15:48

Mike Novack

I rather suspect that the high percentage of people of color choosing Clinton would not have been swayed by the flap over email.

PS: Do NOT assume that I am a Clinton supporter! I'm here in Franklin County MA where Bernie won 3:1 over Clinton, an in fact, had an absolute majority of all votes cast (in other words, he beat her AND all of the Republican candidates combined).

PSS: I am not at all sure those people of color are making a mistake. If we assume that "not all fish will be fried", when it comes to making good on campaign promises, well giving stuff related to justice for Blacks is not going to upset her banker or Wall Street friends or the medical insurance industry.

agreed, Mike 07.Mar.2016 11:16


And wasn't 'civil rights' a 'strategy' of the dems, all except the southern flavor of the party?

Granted, at one time there actually may have been some 'golden ages' of politics (as opposed to the stock market, where I can't ever imagine such a thing ever existed), when those chosen (which has always been the rightful word for the process?) actually seemed like persons made at least cursory motions toward some measure of higher than rat-in-a-pack-of-rats principle. I'm not of the subscription that one must be a 'nice guy', but one at least should be believable. Hillary is that in an odd way, where Bernie is not. She CAN deliver on her promises. One knew that as soon as she declared her candidacy, if not before.

The only question, if elected, is if she'll allow Bill to play in the White House just like the good ol' times. It might kill him at this point. Wouldn't that be fun?

"Bill Clinton found dead, slumped in an Oval Office closet with his pants at his ankles and lipstick on his (ahem) collar"?