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White House petition to determine whether Donald Trump violated any federal laws

Yeah, it's kinda anticlimactic to go after Trump for a fraud case when he's planning hideous attacks on minorities, but remember that Al Capone wasn't convicted of gangsterism, but of income tax evasion.
White House petition to determine whether Donald Trump violated any federal civil or criminal laws by establishing "Trump University"

We petition the Obama administration to:

Determine whether Donald Trump violated any federal civil or criminal laws by establishing "Trump University"

WE THE PEOPLE, request President Obama to direct the US Justice Department and all other relevant government agencies to determine whether any federal civil or criminal fraud statutes - including but certainly not limited to wire fraud and postal fraud - were violated by Donald Trump in his establishment of a bogus "university" named "Trump University" even after New York state authorities clearly warned Trump that doing so would violate state law; and WE THE PEOPLE further request that if a finding is made that any federal criminal laws were violated, that President Obama further direct the relevant agencies to prosecute Donald Trump to the maximum extent permitted by law, including a custodial sentence, and to vigorously seek restitution for Trump's victims.



homepage: homepage: http://https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/determine-whether-donald-trump-violated-any-federal-civil-or-criminal-laws-establishing-trump-university

Why should we care? 29.Feb.2016 18:01


What is it about Trump that "worries" you?

he's a clown, everything he says is 100% for 'All Star Wrestling' reality-TV entertainment / transient value.

Absolutely nothing he says or does has any substance.

( if you should "worry" ?? about anything, be 'worried' that tens of millions of "right wing"-leaning Americans fall hook-line-sinker for his B.S. and rhetorical sh*tshow ....... i.e., worry about your Fellow American Citizen and their propensity to idolize a blowhard such as Trump not about Trump himself, his deeds/'accomplishments' etc. )

p.s. here's an excerpt from a recent piece on the implosion of establishment GOP (how the Republican top brass is vainly trying to keep Trump from being nominated), specifically about Trump's essential nature :



Inside the GOP Implosion and the War to Stop Trump

February 27, 2016, 2:40 PM EST

Until now GOP elites have managed to maintain a balance or needle-threading sleight of hand wherein the GOP had become the functional equivalent of a European rightist party (UKIP or French National Front) yet masqueraded as a conventional center-right party (UK Conservatives or French Republicans) - all under the go-along leadership of the people The Washington Post editorial page imagines run the GOP. But the set up was already under extreme strain, as evidenced by the 2011 debt default drama, the 2013 Cruz shutdown and the end of the Boehner Speakership in 2015. Trump is very little different from the average candidate Republicans elected in 2010 and 2014, in terms of radical views and extreme rhetoric. All he's done is take the actual GOP issue package, turn it up to eleven and put it on a high speed collision course with RNC headquarters smack in the middle of presidential election year.

here is why you should care about Trump 01.Mar.2016 16:17


If you believe Trump is an idiot racist clown, then you are making the same mistake the establishment has been making.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have the playbook for beating a GOP junior senator. They have never seen or dealt with someone like Trump.

During a debate Trump will grab hillary but the scruff of the pantsuit and punch her in the face all night. When she takes her default position of victim that has worked well for in the past against Rick Lazio, he will punch her even harder.

She was expecting to run against Jeb or some other dolt who would stand there and take her insults and lies.

Trump is no such animal.

Hillary is too calculating and cautious to attack Trump without poll testing her answers, and Trump will be firing away every day with a new attack.

That is why you should worry about Trump.

The Empire State Strikes Back 01.Mar.2016 19:36

Converse Murdoch

Looks like NY State is pursuing the fraud case.

 link to thehill.com

We're being a bit too smart. 02.Mar.2016 12:43


We've had over 30 years of public shit from Trump, and it's always a mistake to rely upon the intelligence of any group at any time. What the public doesn't recognize is that he may echo sentiments, they don't ask if it's any way to run a country. He's the fucking bully on the playground (something everyone wanted to be at one time or another--until they grow up) and while they little mistake him as a 'hero' in our warped sense of worth and self-image and judge little of what he's actually done. Ask the common supporter.

Where's Trump's Jesse Jackson to whisper into an accidentally open mic. In the case of Obama, seemed Jesse was right and actually more than a handsome black guy who dressed well. He has been nothing but a tool and is nothing more than that now.

Hillary Clinton Will NEVER Be My "President" 02.Mar.2016 14:24


She is a 100% U.S.D.A. Grade A fascist pig. She will start WWIII in two days, tops.

Even Russians would prefer Trump, from what I hear.

And Trump is fascist too.

Jesse (At Least Not A Monster) Ventura will run. And I would give 10 votes to him, and 8 votes to scumbag Trump, if only I had strategic simple score voting. See:

But no, only single-selection ("plurality") and Rockefeller-financed IRV.

So were screwed.

RE: " .i. " / " mistake the establishment has been making " 02.Mar.2016 18:52


First off, I'm not "making a mistake".

Second, what's "the establishment" ?????

(content of your post, such as it is....)

we should be 'worried about Trump' because he's going to kick Hitlery's pasty ass in some debate(s)?

THAT is why we're supposed to be 'worried' about Trump ?!???

the GOP, as pointed out in the post above yours  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/02/431753.shtml#445802
which you absolutely ignored and further neglected to comprehend,

are the ones perhaps most 'worried' in all the world, about Donald Trump. i.e. his seemingly incorrigible popularity (amongst the rank-and-file "right wing" / typical GOP American voter.

THE REPUBLICAN GOP ESTABLISHMENT are the ones most worried about Trump,


they fear he will




to Hitlery.

( the Clinton Machine has a chokehold going back 2 decades on the Southern U.S. states aka "The South" )

do you not comprehend?

There is absolutely no way Hitlery will lose this election.

she's the next Prez
( assuming natch the U.S. government remains fiscally solvent and/or governmentally-politically viable in the next 18 months )

mistake the establishment has been making 03.Mar.2016 04:10


You don't seem to understand the modern GOP establishment.

they would much rather lose with Jeb/Marco/Kasich than win with Trump/Cruz/Carson.

(1). A Hillary Presidency means they can fund raise off of her for years for their congressional and Senate races.

(2) A Hillary Presidency means They keep their committee chairmanships in Congress.

(3) A Hillary Presidency means like with an Obama Presidency that the Republicans do not have to keep their promises in Congress. It means they don't have to do anything.

The eGOP(Establishment GOP) can not control Trump. He is self funded and has set aside 1 billion of his own money. Trump has spent the least per vote of any of the top Candidates Democrat or Republican.

What the eGOP is worried about is that those who turn out to vote for him will not vote GOP for down ticket races.

The eGOP hates Cruz, but they can control him with money. they flush him when they want to. Cruz can not win a national election, which was evident Tuesday.

Hillary created that private email server, not to hide classified information. she created it to hide her pay for play corruption with foreign leaders and business potentates for her crime family foundation. The classified emails is how she got caught.

don't be so sure she will even be running in November.

seems to me you're both somewhat correct 03.Mar.2016 14:14


We need more 'clown paranoia' in the public, and a better perception of what a clown might be.

Nobody Takes "Democracy Seriously! Why Pretend Any Longer? 03.Mar.2016 16:42


Demand real democracy. Or keep playing those mind games. Forever (or until nuclear war).

Get strategic simple score voting -- Or else stop this idiot "voting" charade completely.


"The Hawai'ian legislators voted to pass H.B. 638 because they believed that somehow this method would make elections "more fair." The rogue that falsely convinced them of this is Rob Richie, Executive Director of the coyly-named FairVote, a well-funded, tax-exempt operation that would like to add that state to their list of conquests, so that they can continue to hawk this nonsense to others.

"Quite deceptively, H.B. 638 mentions locations in which IRV (sometimes in variations known as "ranked choice" or "proportional representation") has been adopted, but fails to cite the places where it has been rescinded after proving problematic and, in some cases, outright disastrous." -- Brad Blog:

Oh lookee here! "FairVote" (the Fairvote Action Fund, Inc. of Takoma Park, MD), is run by Rob Richie, and do you want a real honest-to-God conspiracy? Look no further:

Another of life's little surprises!

RE: " don't be so sure [Hillary] will even be running in November. " 04.Mar.2016 00:42


ok your conspiracy-minded assertions are a bit overconfident.

the average American voter, particularly those that will only ever-even turn out for a 4-year presidential election, simply don't care about or matter to the topics you have raised.

no, the GOPe is not worried about the "down vote".

furthermore, the "down votes" and/or congressional seats themselves really don't matter. What the GOP really is in contest for, and the Democrats, in 2016-2018 are for Supreme Court Justice nominations.

everyone (including sitting Obama) knows about this. At least 3 (and perhaps more?) SCOTUS Justice seats will become open in the next four years or so.

Loading the Supreme Court.

THAT is what the 2016 presidential race is all about. (never mind 536 congress seats etc. blah-de-blah)

and, that is why political animal Clinton, fully supported by her family and Democrat party machines (especially in the key South) will absolutely win, over an All Star Wrestling blowhard and his clueless followers.

(no she will not be "taken down" by 'secret Benghazi emails' or whatever the ***K else window lickers believe will be 'death 'O' Hillary')

(fwiw) ____ theory of Selection 2016 from another forum 04.Mar.2016 02:21


Not sure I'm the first one who has thought this, but I think I've uncovered GOPe's Master Plan:

They are using up Rubio to weaken Trump just enough for a brokered convention.

The brokered convention puts Cruz on the ticket, not Rubio.

Demmos throw Hillary under the bus via indicting her on 2,000+ counts of lying under oath, failing to secure classified material, etc. An unelectable Sanders is put on the ticket.

GOP wins in November.

The day after Cruz is sworn in, House and Senate GOPe and Democrats join forces to impeach and remove Cruz and whichever poor sod is VP.

Paul Ryan is sworn in as the President, he appoints the Demmo's choice as VP and the GOPe House elects a new Democrat as Speaker

In one fell swoop, GOPe and Demmos have now
a) shown their core constituencies that they can work together to get big things done
b) GOP permanently ends Ted Cruz's political career
c) Democrats eject the obviously damaged Clintons and make room for their chosen ones to grow
d) both parties teach a lesson to any future insurgent candidates who think they can pull one over on the establishment

I'm the first one who has thought this, 04.Mar.2016 15:52


I'm the conspiracy theorist? Did you read what you posted?

My only point with Hillary is she is actively being investigated by the FBI under the US espionage act.

Yesterday, man who set her server up was given immunity to testify or provide information in the ongoing investigation. That tells me a grand jury has probably been formed to seek indictments. The FBI never goes after the main target, especially a high profile person like Hillary Clinton. Instead they will go after her underlings. Huma Abedin, Cheryl mills, etc. Hillary has potentially opened up her own Daughter to legal problems because she is the person in charge of the Clinton Initiative slush fund.

Honestly, why do you believe she set that server up in the first place? It wasn't to contain classified emails. Think about it for a moment. She went out of her way to set up a private email server for a purpose. I personally believe that purpose was to hide the pay for play corruption from foreign potentates and government officials around the world. Those classified emails were never suppose to be on that server and that is what gave the FBI the leverage to investigate.

Americans don't know or care about Benghazi, but the do know and care about bribery. Look for Huma Abedin and/or Cheryl Mills to be indicted in the next 4 months and cop a plea deal in exchange for something much larger.

As to your theory about Paul Ryan and the eGOP. I think you give them way too much credit. They just aren't that smart and are completely out of touch with what the average american wants/needs.

" My only point is Hillary is actively being investigated by the FBI " 04.Mar.2016 18:01


and then,

you conclude your post with [QUOTE] :

"don't be so sure she will even be running in November."

Are you :

1) Delusional,


2) Insinuating that FBI's espionage act investigation, shall actually result in Clinton's removal from the race?

those are definitely conspiracy-minded assertions.

(You apparently, somehow, believe that conspiracies related to espionage will "doom" Clinton's bid for the White House.)

No way, in the Real World, will the FBI's investigation result in Clinton being removed from the presidential race.

now playing 'look here, brother... Who You Jivin' With That "Cosmik Debris"' - Zappa live Dec. 1973

#2 05.Mar.2016 11:32


In American in 2016 it is up to the Democrat administration to decide to allow the Justice Department to proceed with Justice against their great white hope, or not.

It is rather funny that Obama and his puppet Master Valarie Jarrett have to decide to allow a person they both completely loath become president or Donald Trump.. LOL..

Karma.. (Frank, Dweezil, or Moon Unit not withstanding)

I guess we'll see come November.


Hillary Lost My Vote in Honduras 05.Mar.2016 12:09

Alexandra Early

to read Alexandra Early's article published March 2, 2016 on Counterpunch.org, visit


Clinton has yet to acknowledge the consequences of the 2009 coup. In her debate with Sanders on Feb. 11 in Wisconsin, she again acted tough about unaccompanied minors, saying they should be deported to "send a message" to their families back home, as if this continuing exodus was simply the product of bad parenting. Sanders rightly chided her, arguing that children fleeing Central American violence should be welcomed and assisted instead.

I would love to have a female foreign policy expert and human rights crusader as the next president of the United States, but Clinton's chance to prove herself as such and send a strong message to our neighbors to the south was back in 2009. If Hillary Clinton had stood up for democracy in Central America then, maybe we wouldn't have so many Central American immigrants today trying desperately to enter and stay in the U.S. , because more of them would be able to survive in their home countries.

more at "The Queen of Chaos" by Diana Johnstone