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Video: Portland Human Rights Commission Meeting 2.3.16

The monthly meeting by the Human Rights Commission of Portland
Filmed on Feb 3 2016
Portland Housing Bureau presents a talk followed with a Q & A by the commission
- N/NE Housing strategy overview - Karl Dinkelspiel, HIPP Team Mgr.
- Preference Policy - Matt Tschabold, Equity & Policy Manager
The February public meeting by the all-volunteer Portland Human Rights Commission (HRC)

 https://youtu.be/64br3p1U9i0 [Video 2 hours 40 mins]

This video is also available to view or download from here:

Public Comment Out-Take Video clip from this meeting is here:
 https://youtu.be/QMC-FfMlW90 [3:40 min video]


4:00-4:05 Welcoming and Gathering (5 min)
4:05-4:10 Approval of Agenda and Minutes (5 min)
4:10-4:25 Chair's Statement (15 min)
4:25-5:10 Portland Housing Bureau presentation and Q & A (45 min)
- N/NE Housing strategy overview - Karl Dinkelspiel, HIPP Team Mgr.
- Preference Policy - Matt Tschabold, Equity & Policy Manager
- Q & A
5:10-5:25 Public Comment (15 min)
5:25-5:40 OEHR Director's Report (15 min)
5:40-6:00 Administration of Justice (20 min)
- Retreat update
- Community & Police Relations Committee update
- Community Oversight Advisory Board update

6:00-6:25 Discuss Commissioner engagement / attendance (25 min)
6:25-6:30 Emerging issues / announcements (5 min)

6:30 Adjourn


Previous meeting of the HRC are archived here:

Portland Indymedia readers all know,
for all those attending there is free food at this meeting.

The website for the Human Rights Commission is here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Don't build a 15-story hotel at 11th and Alder! 14.Feb.2016 19:37

marc marc1seed@yahoo.com

The United Way building could be replaced by a 15-story hotel

1) The great priority and urgent need for downtown Portland is affordable housing. The Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program has created 2-3 million units nationwide. The Joyce, Grove and Westwind were dilapidated hotels that should be rehabilitated for impoverished and mentally challenged persons who seem to be ignored. Helping the weak and marginalized should be a no-brainer for concrete democracy. A neoliberal rollback has occurred since the 1980s. Capital income is taxed at a lower rate; privatizations, deregulation, tax cuts for the super-rich, trillions for the banks and public taxpayers paying for the costs of private speculation are characteristic of an ending 30-year phase, a phase of credit and bubbles.
2) Building a 15-story hotel at 11th and Alder would make downtown into a congestion and construction zone. The streetcar could be delayed. The stress level of persons downtown would soar.
3) Don't make "reuse" into a new nonsense word. Reusing buildings should be a no-brainer, an ecological necessity in a finite world of limited resources. Progress shouldn't be redefined on the quiet as high-rise towers.
4) Land use decisions made without citizen discussion lead to cynicism and de-democracy.
5) Qualitative growth should replace quantitative growth; access could replace excess and enough could replace more.
6) Vancouver B.C. has 26 community centers, some with swimming pools that take your breath away. Every year the Vancouver B.C. city council rehabilitates a certain number of dilapidated hotels in the Downtown Eastside. Why can't Vancouver be our friend and teacher? Has the SF-condo model been adopted by Portland - consciously and unconsciously? The SF-condo model imagines the market is self-healing and will automatically build affordable housing and seems oblivious to the exploding inequality since 1982.
7) A future of generalized security should be our goal, redistribution from top to bottom, exchanging roles, reduced working hours and redefining work, security, health and strength.

Thanks for your time and attention. Don't make all life subject to the false priority of corporate profits!
I look forward to your email and to correcting this disastrous mis-development.