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Federal Crime Victim Implanted and Tortured by FBI

Federal crime victim form Vancouver Washington was implanted with a neurophonic transceiver, which in some circles, is considered a torture device.
My name is Douglas Arthur Ivers, and I am the victim of the Hells Angels/Outsiders motorcycle clubs investigated by the FBI/ATF. I was arrested for selling a Harley Davidson motorcycle to the Outsiders MC, and interviewed at the Clark County Jail by Sheriff's detective Brent Waddell and ATF agent James Packard. During the interview they accused me of selling the motorcycle to the Outsiders motorcycle club in Portland Oregon (who are close associates of the Hells Angels). In late 2004, I was in the Larch mountain correctional center in Yacolt Washington for allegedly selling the motorcycle. I was placed into the segregation unit for approximately 8 days. While in the segregation unit, after normal business hours, two FBI agents arrived at the facility and presented custody staff with FBI credentials, telling them that they needed to privately interview me. They showed custody staff their official credentials (which were entered into the facility logbook and can be FOIA requested) and were allowed access to my cell while I slept. They then proceeded to introduce an aerosol anesthetic into my sinus passage while I slept, in order to render me unconscious. At that time they implanted me with a neural implant (micro neuro-phonic transceiver: search bing.com). After that point I was incarcerated until May 2005, and released back into the Vancouver Washington/Portland Oregon area. Upon my release (within 24 hours) I began hearing voices, and becoming paranoid, unable to explain or understand the reason why. Within a few days, I started being followed by vehicles, and pursued by criminal/biker type individuals whom I had no acquaintance with. I began calling ATF agent Packard on an ongoing and nearly daily basis for months, while trying to keep myself safe, and away from the individuals pursuing me. Every time I called agent Packard, he would talk with me and take my reports that I was being pursued, yet continued to tell me that he had no knowledge of any investigation nor if any of the local bike clubs were attempting to kill me at that time. He at a later date (which can be confirmed via the eeg brainwave recording that can be decoded with FBI programs to produce the entire audio/video from the FBI's implant: search "brain to computer link program for remote neural monitoring" bing.com) during a recorded phone conversation told me that he had heard I was "blackballed" from every club (outlaw motorcycle) in the Northwest, which was odd as I wasn't even a part of those clubs. I told agent Packard that I had secured a firearm to protect myself then, because I was not going to be killed by those people (who I never had any problems with). As this continued, I began to see federal field agents around me at all times in public, even showing themselves to me using vehicle formations (four evenly spaced late model vehicles, each driver looking directly at me as they passed) as well as field agents using hand signals to signal me that they were in the area. Also, every time the bikers tried to get near me in an obvious gang stalking/attempt on my life, field agents would send local AMR ambulances past me (which can easily be FOIA requested 2005-2007 records FBI paid to or loaned by AMR Portland/Vancouver), showing me that they had medical professionals in the area in case I was injured. They also utilized radio cabs (2005-2007 either rented or loaned - can be FOIA requested) to surveil and communicate with me. It is my belief that most of those field agents were honest hard working Americans, serving our Nation to protect our citizens and were not doing anything to harm me in any way, only attempting to investigate and prosecute seriously violent criminals. I feel confident that they did not have intimate knowledge that I had been implanted/controlled and used as "bait" to entrap the Outsiders/Hells Angels. This story, as intriguing as it is, is about those few federal agents working for the FBI/ATF who orchestrated a situation that would result in my demise, and their arrest and conviction of the Hells Angels/Outsiders motorcycle clubs in the Northwest by using implanted persons in and around those groups to plan/pursue and attempt murder on my life.

ATF agent James Packard, left the interview that day in 2004 and notified the local FBI office that he had a person of interest at the jail with a direct link to the Outsiders. It is my belief that the FBI then decided to find a way to implant me, and then use individuals who were already implanted near the Hells angels/Outsiders to spread misinformation that I had informed on them in an attempt to orchestrate and create a situation where I became a victim of the bikers, and federal law enforcement could build either a conspiracy to commit murder case, or an actual murder case against many outlaw bikers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California.

Now, the implant is a neural implant ("micro neurophonic transceiver": search bing.com) that is placed in the brain through a simple and only slightly invasive procedure taking 60 seconds and done through a syringe from below the skull at the back of the subject's neck, or through the sinus wall. It is positioned near the brains thalamus (which acts as the central relay of the body's five senses), can be communicated with using RNM (remote neuro- monitoring) and cellular satellite uplink/downlink. The implant is intentionally sheathed in a material designed to be odd shaped, fooling radiologists who discover the implant in the brains of patients, misleading them to diagnose the UBO (unidentified bright object) as a tumor instead of an illegally placed federal implant. Through a confidential ATF agent I have communicated with, I was made aware that the FBI has in place throughout our country, implanted individuals who are systematically monitored, abused and even tortured through the use of the implant, interfering with the brains own electrical impulses (brain waves) and they are sometimes referred to as "informers" (unknowing of course), although they have no connection to law enforcement and are not traditional "informants". I personally have discovered in the Vancouver area that many females who were around me, were implanted and have been psychologically/sexually/physically abused and tortured at the hands of FBI agents remotely using RNM and implants, all of them hearing voices. They hear their own inner voice/voices of acquaintances, family members and strangers. The FBI uses a voiceprint cloning program called "mimic" to achieve this, and although it is a close approximation of the persons authentic voice, my personal experience is that there are slight yet noticeable differences. The implant also can be used to cause the nerve stimulation, sexual stimulation, body pain, temperature changes and more. Find below the partial list of individuals thus far that I can ascertain to be implanted acquaintances of mine. The FBI also has field agents to spread misinformation (they have contacted everyone I know including family) to discredit me, and to block local and states law enforcement investigations of this. They have even have went as far as to act as if they were using a frequency counter/scanner to scan the victims for an implants signal, and then claiming that they were not implanted when in fact they have the implants in place and an MRI scan will show them clearly (as a tumor of course). And if medical professionals were to MRI the victims and then compare the results, they would find that they all had the same size (if not shape) of "tumor" in relatively the same location.

Fast forward to January 2015. I started hearing voices seemingly coming from my car stereo speakers, sometimes front left, sometimes rear right etc. Then one day I actually was directly communicated with by someone claiming to be the FBI. They started telling me intimate details of things that had occurred privately that no one besides myself would know about, and interrogating me about crimes that they were accusing me of, yet I had no part in. The abuse through the implant continued to increase to a point where I thought that I may be mentally ill, yet they assured me that I wasn't. They overheat the implant causing serious problems with cognition, over nerve stimulation, auditory and visual disturbances, etc. (you can read more online concerning the implants and torture methods used by the FBI, although it is not all real and I can clarify the facts). One of my female companions (Melina Kirkpatrick- Camas Washington) and I ran into each other a few months ago and she was an entirely different person than I knew her as. She was ranting and raving about the Government and the look in her eyes gave away the fact that something very odd yet serious had occurred. I have concluded that she, like the others, was implanted by the same individual FBI agents who implanted me in Clark County at the Larch Mountain Corr. Center, yet they had to have gotten to her at either her home which we lived at, or a hotel room. None the less, she is implanted.

Now, I filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice, FBI/ATF over being a crime victim and being implanted, also the fact that I have now been left unprotected and tortured since discovering that I am implanted. (2015cv02101: see attached complaint/motion; review the pacer monitor site and you will see that any lawyer could clearly tell the obvious attempt to cover up). I filed for a motion for Injunctive relief to stop the torture, and a court ordered MRI scan, but the Magistrate Judge and a senior federal Judge dismissed my claims with prejudice without even reviewing the evidence from discovery (which is illegal/immoral/unethical) proving that they are attempting to shield the Government from the inevitable fallout of the worlds scrutiny. Implanting and torturing American citizens on US soil is the most hideous and intrusive form of Government control imaginable, next to Hitler's genocide. I have notified federal law enforcement/federal government, local law enforcement etc, and the list of contacts are below. My personal treatment as a federal crime victim has been appalling at best. I am afforded certain rights as not only an American, but a crime victim. The FBI/ATF removed my name as a victim in order to allow their own agents to cover up their torture and implantation of not only myself during the investigation, but also the other people around me (mainly female) who were implanted. They have not charged the bikers, although I know that they locally as well as Hell's Angels nationally all have individuals around them who have or are hearing voices/acting strange/exhibiting mental health problems, all caused by the intentional entrapment attempt by the FBI. The FBI/ATF are refusing to speak to me (as a federal crime victim that is not the policy) and are ignoring that others whom I know are filing reports with the same things happening to them, yet none of us have spoken for five years. So since 2005, the number of implanted persons in and around Vancouver Washington that know me has increased, and they are not all aware that they are implanted YET!!!! But I, a federal crime victim, am being left to the hands of field agents torturing me right now. I am fighting for someone to rescue me, yet my own family has been lied to and refuses to come to my aid, although they have been notified that I am implanted and that I am being abused.

The easiest and most impactful way for this to be addressed at least locally at first would be to take all of the victims and have them simultaneously MRI scanned. This is not going away, yet they are isolating me, lying to everyone I know including my family, blocking my attempts at retaining a law firm, blocking all of my email accounts as fast as I can set them up, blocking my telephone calls etc. I have all of the evidence to not only prove this, but once they remove my implant, it will be used as a fingerprint of the FBI, then being able to be matched to all of the others implants in my area. There are a lot more details that I will disclose in personal interviews, and I have notified everyone listed below.

Douglas Arthur Ivers

********People whom I have notified********
White House - President of the United States
Dr.Amy Gutmann: Presidential bioethics committee: 215.898.7221
Ms.Felice Gaer: United Nations: 212.751.4000
Kate Brown: Governor of Oregon
Jay Inslee: Governor of Washington
Sgt.Brent Waddell/Sgt.Eastman: Clark County Sheriff's Office: 360.397.6079
Washington state patrol: Olympia and Vancouver Washington
Washington state department of Corrections: Olympia and Larch Corrections Ctr
Oregon state Police: Cmdr.McCool: 503.731.3020
Portland Police: Ofcr.Kofoed: 503.823.3333
Entire Senate Intelligence committee
Senator John McCain
Congressman: Earl Blumenhauer: 503.231.2300
Congresswoman: Jamie Herrera Beutler: 360.695.6292
United States Dept. of Justice: 202.252.1010
ATF internal affairs: Rick: 202.648.5940
Judge Stephen Schwebel: 212.715.1135/212.288.3613

************Partial list of potentially implanted persons in Vancouver/Portland*************
Douglas Ivers
Lisa Savoy
Duane Herrod
Misty Valenzuela
Bethany McAuley
Janice Miller
Melina Kirkpatrick
Kelly Marlette
Adrian Woods
Shellie Beasley
Julie Proper
Kimberly Boyle
Leslie Rivard
Tony McAndrew
Kimberly Barnes
Ashley Siclovan
Larry Romero
Lori Hoffmann
Rachel Amis/Fairchild
Michael Dean
Diane Shomaker or Shoemaker
Mark Read
Shellie Anderson
Katherine Anne Smith
James Lauerman
Amy Lader
David Porter
Ron Mclean
Douglas A Ivers
Portland Oregon 97214

Law firm I have attempted to retain
****Boyd,Gaffney,Sowards & Treosti****
Mary Kay Gaffney: 360.254.0022
Steven M Sowards: 360.687.3149

phone: phone: 971.282.5896
address: address: 1431 se mlk blvd Portland Oregon 97214

I Believe this Information to be True and Correct. 12.Feb.2016 21:13

Tracy Mapes news1st@hotmail.com

My first negative contacts came after losing all of my camera equipment at the beginning of 2004. I was a free lance news photographer in the Sacramento, Ca area.

Second negative contact was economic disruption by electronic interference of cellular phone communications traced to the 162nd Combat Communications Wing USAF/ANG in North Highlands, Ca.

I used my cellphone to pin down their location by calling a number that would not answer, and marking areas of service disruption on a map until it formed a semi-circle pointing to their location at 3900 Roseville Rd.

I photographed the entire facility from the perimeter, in 2006.

2008, was attacked 3 times in one day with directed energy weapons. Once at a relatives house, with connections to the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept. as an employee.

The second at the main Sacramento Police Dept. facility on Freeport Blvd., while trying to have a former PIO Lieutenant secure a 9mm handgun until I could recover financially, as I was force by then to live in my truck.

During entry of the police facility I was stunned and disoriented as I passed thru the metal detection station. Dizzy and disoriented I left without further contact beyond the initial entry area security personnel.

Third attack same day. Shot with directed energy weapon at favorite taco joint for previous 15 years. New employee never seen before, came over near my table and said loudly, "Over Here!" She quickly departed and I got basted through the back room of the kitchen wall.

I staggered back to my truck and sat to regain my senses. As I sat, I saw two men loading an object into the back of a blue crew or extra cab truck with a camper shell. I was too disrupted to think to grab my camera and get a plate as they left.

In 2010, I found them by going over the photos I shot of the USAF/ANG facility in 2006, where I found the matching vehicle, plus about 7-10 similar ones. I reported all ove these things as they chronologically happened on Portland Indy Media and U.S. Indymedia.

2011 was the worst with drugging and Implant activation by U2 aircraft. Subsequently, USAF/ANG Combat Communications Wing moved to Beale AFB in Marysville, Ca where they fly U2 aircraft, and the relative where I had problems had been once a service person on the SR-71 as a ground maintenance E-5.

Voices, ailments, death rays, microwaves usage all documented on this Portland Indy Media site.

It's been 4 years of hell. My sister died in September, and they pulled the plug on October 2nd. I believe she was targeted for similar reasons. We've had 3 family members lives go sideways like this including mine.

They ray, or 4 ray as they term it is made up of four type of directed energy. Ion, microwave, x-ray and gamma. It kills cellular structures, and as the blood cells die off they clog your arteries, and it appears to be a natural death. Always relating to some other known ailment to mask the problem or death.

The medical community is profiting from this, I do not believe it to be isolated just as your article has described. My sister started out with a foot problem that quickly led to the loss of a toe by amputation, and a month long convalescence. They sent her home, 4 days later she was in a coma, brain dead from clot, circulation loss, ultimately oxygen deprivation. All of her systems shutdown at once. Freezing body temperature, Skin discoloration, ulcer bleeding.

She could open her eyes look around, and they said she was brain dead and would never recover from a vegetative state. The two or three days after her death, I was attacked at my new location with a renewed vengeance, to the point where I had to sleep outside of the shed in which I now reside.

I began experiencing leg cramps for no apparent reason for a month, and then was attacked again. My right foot swelled immensely, I became light headed with an accelerated pulse. I thought? This is it fuckers! I said, the only thing I know, is I love my country, and I love my girl. (Placebo Dream Girl - to help me get thru this shit.)

I made it to the hospital, but they didn't do shit. They prescribed jock itch cream for the foot which still has an internal infection. By the time I left I couldn't even walk to leave the hospital without demand a set of crutches to get back to my car. The Doc said, "I'm sorry this happened to you, but I can't help you." Then him and an orderly laughed as they passed thru the doors saying, Cya! Cya!

These people are unscrupulous. The first words out of the Doctor's mouth a the family meeting where they tell you your Sister is dead, was, "I know this is uncomfortable, but we need to talk about donation! We Want Her Eyes!"

Fucking Mother Fuckers! She bitched at them for a month about how they fucked her over with the infection and toe loss, then they kill her and make bank on her Eyes! I said "Fuck You!

Now my other foot is fucked up, and discolored just as the other and my Sister's skin. I have no health care. I have no place to go. And I think they are doing this to a lot of people.

I'll upload some pics, and how to protect yourself if it comes to that. I've made it for four years. I don't know if I'll make this one.

Tracy Mapes

P.S. - I believe you will get no response form the government. This is like when they experimented on U.S Military personnel in the 1960's. It's Nazi Germany on steroids. The people perpetrating these acts should be executed for their crimes against America.

New information read every post@ http://peacepink.ning.com/group/seattle 31.Mar.2016 16:41

Douglas Ivers

Read the entire forum posts from this person.....Douglas Ivers. The FBI is torturing him.