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Achtung! Aramark Yosemite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Razor-wire for Yogi & Boo Boo (&you & me too)...........
Aramark, the uniform supply corporation whose trucks we see running all over all the time, has now been awarded the next highly-coveted 15 year concession contract to Yosemite National Park, bumping the Golden Calf cash cow of DNC, their previous contract-holder, out of the way. Just when the slutting-out of our National Parks by the corporate-government couldn't seem to get any worse, now this.Our beauteous National Parks were meant to be available to all of us, not just the well-to-do who can afford to pay the exorbitant rates that are now charged by DNC, Xanterra, etc. Now, they're being taken over by the very same people who keep wal-mart employees& prisoners & so many other corporate/government/wage & incarceration-slaves in uniform, in line.Don't get caught feeding the cute little chipmunks @ Yosemite. You might just wind up in federal prison...........