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Audio: What's Wrong with the TPP\? 27 min

The cultural and economic impact and the ISDS are analyzed. Philip Morris is suing Australia and Uruguay for lost profits. Public interest regulations are threatened by a parallel private arbitration system ruling in secret and irrevocable.
Audio: What's Wrong with the TPP\?
Scott Sinclair, Michael Geist and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Feb 1, 2016, 27 min


Canada has said it will sign on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new twelve-country international economic pact. But the corporate-driven TPP is about much more than "free trade", and concerns are mounting. We go in-depth with four experts: Scott Sinclair, director of the CCPA's Trade and Investment Research Project; Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce law at the University of Ottawa; Meghan Sali, digital rights specialist at OpenMedia; and Stuart Trew, editor of the CCPA Monitor.

OpenMedia:  https://openmedia.org/en/ca
Michael Geist:  http://michaelgeist.ca/

CCPA's coverage of the TPP:

The TPP and Canada by Scott Sinclair and Stewart Trew
TPP Will Cost Canada 58,000 Jobs, Won't Grow Economy by Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood

Reviewing the TPP: Trudeau's best-case scenario by Scott Sinclair and Stewart Trew

- See more at:  https://www.policyalternatives.ca/multimedia/altpolicy-episode-4#sthash.SNOTldX3.dpuf

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