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Will Saudis, Et Al. Attack Syria Now?

This looks very, very bad. Would they try it?
Europe Blog -- Saturday, Feb, 6, 2016

Informed sources revealed that Riyadh [Saudi Arabia] is holding training courses for 150,000 Saudi, Sudanese, Egyptian and Jordanian forces to prepare them for war in Syria.The Saudi sources told the CNN channel that the 150,000-strong army is now stationed in Saudi Arabia and will soon be dispatched to Syria.

They also said that Morocco, Turkey, Bahrain, the UAE and Qatar will also deploy their forces to Syria through the Turkish borders, and Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei will dispatch mercenaries to Saudi Arabia too.

PressTV -- Saudi military intervention in Syria amounts to war: Russian deputy -- Feb 5, 2016

A Russian deputy has warned Saudi Arabia that any military ground operation in Syria without the Damascus government's consent amounts to a declaration of war.

"Syria has to give official consent, to invite, otherwise it will be a war. The same applies to international law," Pavel Krasheninnikov, the head of the State Duma committee, told Interfax on Friday.

Krasheninnikov said that by promising a ground operation in Syria Riyadh now "intends to send troops to the territory of a sovereign state essentially without declaring a war."

Saudi Arabia on Thursday voiced readiness to participate in any ground operations in Syria if the US-led coalition allegedly targeting terrorists decides to start such operations.

US State Department spokesman John Kirby also welcomed the Saudi decision.

PressTV -- Bahrain ready for Syria deployment under Saudi lead: Diplomat -- Feb 6, 2016
 link to www.presstv.ir

The tiny Persian Gulf state of Bahrain says it is ready to deploy ground forces to Syria under the Saudi leadership as foreign-backed militants are losing ground in the face of the Syrian army advances.

Well, the Russians could just start smashing Saudi Arabia's oil rigs with conventional cruise missiles. So this war threat could just be vain talk. (The Russian oil profits would increase with the increased oil prices, too.) But somebody in Washington is likely to call a halt to this insanity.

Something smells about the story 08.Feb.2016 15:02

Mike Novack

"Informed sources revealed that Riyadh [Saudi Arabia] is holding training courses for 150,000 Saudi, Sudanese, Egyptian and Jordanian forces to prepare them for war in Syria"

Saudi Arabia train the Jordanians? (small military, but probably best trained after Israel) In case you don't know your history, there actually was a brief war when Syria invaded Jordan. Jordan didn't lose (while Jordan's air force smaller than Syria's, the planes had to stay out of it as Israel was prepared to scramble to provide cover for Jordan). Enemies in that part of the world are relative enemies.

Saudi Arabia train the Egyptians? The Egyptian military wouldn't admit that they might need training. Which they might be wrong about. But right that they couldn't be helped by Saudi trainers. Who have the Saudis fought in modern times. The Egyptians have much more experience than the Saudis.

without assurances of the US? 09.Feb.2016 09:42


I've found the rumors rather interesting. Does the Saudi royal family have enough faith in their military's loyalty that the royals themselves would survive something of this nature? They've no religious claims, nor any Islamic stricture against their downfall. I admit, though, I know no more than I can read, and that furiously gated and trolled.

Jordanians? Every family in Jordan is rumored figuratively to be somehow harboring some refugee from the crap going on for decades.

Is there really such a thing as Jordan? I just thought it was a large Israeli border checkpoint and black detention site...