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ANCIENT FOREST RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but do you even care????????????????????????????????????????
Bike-trekking yesterday, i saw lots of huge trees rolling down highway 58, lots more rolling down the freeway. Dexter sort-yard, Zippo, Seneca are all full of big logs. Trees this big don't come off private land, long-since raped & plundered by techno-industrial consumer/car-culture. They're being stolen off public land, OUR LAND, FUTURE GENERATIONS' LAND, most important EARTH MOTHER'S LAND!!! Also, rolling down the Aufderheide, forest road # 19 between Blue River & Westfir, are endless loads of small trees. No, it's not ancient forest cutting, but it is a whole lot of clearcutting going on up there, or "thins" that are damn-near clearcuts. (see Google Maps-switch to satellite-imagery.)
It's high time that the REAL forest defense community of Eugene reawaken. We kicked ass, bigtime, back in the day, by actually being out in the forest & stopping the bastards.WTF has happened to us?????????????????