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Video: 350 PDX - Paris Climate Talks - Report Back 1.20.16

A Report Back on January 20 2016. Filmed at "The Peace House" in Portland Oregon.

A panel of four tell of their experiences in Paris at the Climate Talks
Introductions by: Maya Jarrad: 350PDX's volunteer coordinator
"Paris Climate Talks - Report Back"
 https://youtu.be/cEBAaAkpPfM [youtube video 2 hours 10 minutes]

Guest Speakers:

Jill Stein is an organizer, physician, and environmental-health activist. She has led initiatives promoting healthy communities,local green economies and the revitalization of democracy - addressing issues such as environmental, economic and racial justice, campaign finance reform, green jobs, and the cleanup of incinerators, coal plants, and toxic substances. She was a principal organizer for the Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit. Previously she served on the Massachusetts and national boards of directors for Physicians for Social Responsibility, where she worked on environmental health and nuclear disarmament.

Maralena Murphy is an organizer with the Portland Central America Solidarity Commission (PCASC) and Ptery Leight (Right 2 Survive) attended COP21 as part of the It Takes Roots - Grassroots Global Justice delegation.

Virginia Wiseman:
(350PDX) reports on environmental negotiations and conferences with the International Institute for Sustainable Development's Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB). ENB covered the various bodies of the UNFCCC that were meeting in Paris at COP21, offering unbiased accounts of the play-by-play through daily reports, daily webpages/photos and a summary report.

This video is also available to view or download here:

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