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Determiusnation of Brain Death: Manipulating the border between life and death?

Brain death declaration may be described as an esoteric creation of neurologists and neurosurgeons who are seeking to speed up death for the purposes of an organ harvest/transplant.
Brain stem death is where a person no longer has any activity in their brain stem, and has permanently lost the potential for consciousness and the capacity to breathe. However, brain-death criteria is not always followed. Further, whether you are classified as dead or alive depends upon your attending physician's understanding of the concept of death
There are numerous reports of brain death declaration where the criteria were deliberately misrepresented, or obfuscated in an attempt to retrieve an organ for transplantation.
Although many conditions can mimic brain death clinically upon examination, without excluding them you will KILL a person by homicide, or criminal negligence, despite the reversibility of brain damage.
Fulminant cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) have been reported in which a rapid deterioration evolves to a clinical state "resembling brain death". The severity of the condition also varies and sporadic reports have described the occurrence of an acute severe poly-neuropathy leading to a complete 'locked-in' syndrome, misdiagnosed as a fatal brainstem event where the clinical picture is often misinterpreted as brain death.
For over fourty years there has been a deadly code of silence pertaining to "brain death." Behind closed doors a controversy raged. To this day, the controversy continues...