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Bernie Sanders' Socialist America

Bernie believes there has been a corporate takeover of American democracy, and this is where he returns to the idea of political revolution. In nearly every speech he makes this clarion call, and he is always unequivocal about the fact that neither he nor any other politician can make the necessary changes alone. Bernie's idea of political revolution starts with the American people getting out to vote in record numbers...
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Bernie Sanders is doing this without taking money from corporations or receiving backing from virtually any establishment group, all the while trumpeting the virtues of democratic socialism and telling anybody who will listen that this country needs a political revolution.

Having spent decades working on policy, it should come as no surprise that Bernie's campaign platform is broad and detailed—wonkish, one might say. Perhaps wonkish but not muddled: he leaves no doubt that his greatest preoccupation is the inequality that increasingly defines the U.S. economy. He proposes to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 by 2020. He promises to create millions of jobs through federal infrastructure and youth programs. He says he will expand Social Security, provide free education at all public universities, and extend universal healthcare to all people in the U.S. through a single-payer system. His plan to pay for these programs is simple: raise taxes on wealthy individuals and large corporations, and tax speculative financial transactions.

In the stories Bernie tells of how America became one of the most unequal major countries in the world, he reserves special wrath for the large financial institutions he considers responsible for the 2007-08 financial crisis. He laments that not a single bank executive went to prison for their role in the crash, contrasting this to a criminal justice system that has imprisoned millions of people for low-level, non-violent offenses. He calls for the implementation of a 21st century Glass-Steagall Act, which prevented commercial banks from engaging with investment banks from 1933 until it was effectively repealed under the watch of President Bill Clinton in 1999. More recently he announced that, if elected, he would break up all "too big to fail" financial institutions during the first year of his administration.

However, his fiery brand of economic populism does not alone explain why millions of people have come to "Feel the Bern," the viral hashtag that has become a slogan for the campaign. Rather it is that he speaks so directly to a broader moment in our country's history. Personal debt and economic inequality are at record highs, and the generation now coming of age has been socialized by the Iraq War and Great Recession; raised on myths about the American Dream while being fed the realities of downward mobility for all but the elite and lucky few. In this context, it is his indictment of the system as not just broken but fixed—designed to perpetuate control by a small elite comprised of politically entrenched capital interests—that has made his campaign catch fire in such a startling way.

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You Want to Move to Canada if Trump Wins? 30.Jan.2016 17:03

Alex Luthwick and Dahlla Lithwick

Maybe Senator Sanders will win in Iowa and become a snowball that gets bigger and bigger!

to read the hilarious article by Alex Lithwick and Dahlla Lithwick published on Jan 27 on slate.com, click on
 link to www.slate.com

Canada 31.Jan.2016 07:16


Where Prime Minister Cruz presides? LOL..

Hillary has said there is no way she is going back to visit health care in the USA.

There is also No way the democrat party is going to let Bolshevik Bernie of the Vermont Cong get the nomination. They will put Bide, or Kerry or anybody but Bernie in that slot.

The Establishment hates Trump, but hates Cruz more.

So it comes down to Hillary or Trump.

Lots of states will be in play this time that havent' been since the 1980s.

remember if voting actually changed things, they would probably make it illegal -- Our brand is crisis.

original author(s) / commenters here think U.S. pResidential Selection matters? 31.Jan.2016 13:02


i.e. (even if Sanders occupied the White House) the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan / elsewhere would be rolled back?

Federal Reserve would be abolished / otherwise curtailed?

the ^ above 2 items alone (with natch so many others that could be listed/discussed) are proof that the Status Quo, business as usual will continue unabated as of January 2017 inauguration.

unless of course a major applecart-upsetting economic (greater+more severe than 2008), natural or military (e.g. open full scale nuclear warfare) catastrophe were to occur.