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You Be The Media

PIMC (is) primarily for reporting local news by "you" the individual. The intention were never to become a news aggregate, or site that is reposting corporate media stories. The concept is for people in the PDX area to write their own "news" around the social justice struggle in the *area they live in.
PIMC (is) primarily for reporting local new reporting by "you" the individual. The intention were never to become a news aggregate, or site that is reposting corporate media stories. The concept is for people in the PDX area to write their own "news" around the social justice struggle in the *area they live in.

The compost folder (2016 coming soon) contains articles & posts that don't really fit the "local social justice struggle" theme. There in the open compost folder readers should find ideas, news, re-posts, poems, pictures comments and opinions from across the sphere of topics which are gleaned from corporate press to person blogs, yet are not personal social justice / community *local news.

The birth of facebook as well as other social media websites, along with corporate media using the tools of commenting sections by providing a forum for the 'peoples voice' has taken a toll on indymedia original services. These days afford us all the ability to have your own blog or website or to use a plethora a websites that are catering to folks who want to share stuff on the internet. These public | personal site are easily available to everyone now days.

The PIMC center feature section is supposed to be even more narrow in its featured posts. Local stories, no re-posts, no corporate news. The center features should firmly be on the topic of social justice and or community building. Occasionally feature that fall slightly outside the local description are featured in the center and [but] its usually if there is nothing to feature after a long while. Their are some folks who are personally doing work to "report" the news [and are getting featured] even when they are reporting outside of the local Portland region but they are contributing with their *own works to help the community at large and their work does pertain to imc principles.

RT Tv, Press Tv, Al Jazeera, BBC, Vice Tv etc. are just some of the website that typically not going to get center feature because they don't fit into the local reporting requirement. As fascinating or important as their news that they are covering is, it is not an indymedia reporter who is reporting it. You all are the indymedia reporters. If you write your own article and want to include those mainstream links to other sources then your article may receive more validity and presence on the newswire of center feature section.

The newswire get inundated with facebook flavored / News articles from the mainstream internet tubes daily. The premise behind IMC is to use this site for people writing their own local news and *factual articles. Opinion and rants are really not "news" and bantering comments and opinions in the comments sections are not site worthy if they are not relating to the original post. The comment section does get over run with negative garbage and noise. The comments to all PIMC article should be constructive and in reference to the original post. The comments "should" not be disrupting or threatening nor should they undermine the intentions of the article and the PIMC website mission.

In order for the imc sites to work well and function, (we) the people should be writing our own news articles and reporting, videoing, documenting and using our voices for what we see is going in 'our' neighborhoods and regions. Share your information in a firsthand reporting narrative. Use this site to promote community and social justice activities and to share factual information. Covering the who what when where in your own words - will more likely get your article featured and/or will keep it on the front page "newswire" rather than in the compost bin.

By reserving these pages for individuals who are "being the local reporters" the PIMC newswire thus empowers people to "Be the Media". While we all know these days, there is vast massive amount of information being shuffled along across the internet. It is not part of PIMC mission to facilitate the shuffle nor provide a platform for random "free speech" or rants and opinions. It is a local news reporting site where your voice will be heard.

Portland Indymedia is a tool for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth. From back in 2000 up to now in 2016, the stories told through Indymedia come from the hearts and minds of people on the frontlines of the struggle for justice against tyranny.

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You forgot something...? 23.Jan.2016 19:37

Tracy Mapes

As your website was once interconnected with all IMC's, the degradation of the entire network, whether through direct action by the Feds in the case of Seattle Servers, or the collapse of Sac-IMC after the GMO protest of 2003, people are looking toward your site as a last voice option for very important civil right, human rights, and human and freedom threat disclosures that could significantly affect your local population.

When you have people like myself, warning you of the dangers of EMF/Microwave or directed energy weapons being utilized in my area, or Geral Sosbee relays similar occurrences in his area, or McMillian Rifles, one of the premiere suppliers of sniper rifles to the U.S. Military come here to voice their concerns, it's not because we need ad space. We have legitimate concerns and are warning you that the mainstream media has failed us, and that the gravity of the information should examined for you own safety by all Americans.

Try to think of the IMC's like the tv show Battle Star Galactica. We are a ragtag group of ships with many of the satellites being blown from the sky. We are looking toward you as one of the surviving ships to realize that some level of humanity still exists.

I came here in 2003 to share some pictures for free of Oregon participants of the Sac IMC GMO Protest. I was a freelance stringer for local tv stations in the Sacramento Area at the time. I had no idea what was coming down the road for me as the things that helped destroy me here in Sacramento became apparent. The media, and the depth of corruption was not an over night discovery. It took years of getting my ass kicked here to realize the scope and ramification of what has happened with the infiltration of felons into the media and what it meant for both freedom of the press and the degradation of everything we had been taught of what our democracy wa supposed to stand for.

So, take the warnings to the compost bin, but for your own sake, do not take their efforts to warn you lightly. I've already lost one sister to this bullshit, and from the looks of things I probably won't be far behind. She was 3 years younger than myself. She didn't know how to stay out of their way.

Take Care.