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Concise open letter to a newly elected but well-informed Seattle city council member exposing systemic banking cartel foreclosure fraud with corporate-controlled government/media collusion as a major underreported root cause of homelessness for lower/middle class families/individuals, specifically in Seattle/King County Washington State and Portland/Multnomah County, Oregon, and what can be done to end it.
JANUARY 21, 2016

Dear Council Member Herbold,

Congratulations on your recent hard-won election victory, allowing you to don the liberal mantle of your long-time mentor, former Council Member Nick Licata. It is my hope that such a widespread mantle, as well as other cordial exchanges of correspondence we have had intermittently for the past decade will allow you to consider what I am now going to convey concerning the issue of homelessness in Seattle and King County. I have some authority in speaking to this issue, not only because of a lifetime of research and activism concerning this and many other issues of social and economic justice and, most importantly, their underlying causes, but because I have several times in my life experienced homelessness, making this issue for me one very passionately felt.

I read with great interest the following recent article in the West Seattle Blog about your meeting with the Delridge District Neighborhood Council concerning the new car-based homeless encampment/"safe lot" that is being sited by the City of Seattle in the industrial/warehouse district on Highland Park Way Southwest at the bottom of Boeing Hill.

West Seattle Blog: Councilperson Lisa Herbold Meets with Delridge Neighborhood District Council on Delridge-Sited Homeless Car Encampment
(Safe Lot)-January 20, 2016
 link to westseattleblog.com

During this meeting, you discussed with West Seattle residents a number of possible solutions to homelessness including safe lots, tent cities, tiny house villages, such as the one now being erected in Rainier Valley, on-site social services - including mental health counseling, information and referral and drug/alcohol rehabilitation -- and housing first, such as has virtually eliminated homelessness in the state of Utah and cities in Alberta Province-Canada, and is being successfully used by a number of no/low-income private and public housing agencies in the Seattle area on a far more limited basis than ultimately deserves to be funded.

The Washington Post: The Surprisingly Simple Way Utah Solved Chronic Homelessness and Saved Millions

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Alberta Cities' Housing First Policy Just Makes Sense
 link to www.cbc.ca

Here are three other potential solutions that, from much experience and research, I would also suggest:

1. A municipal public bank, as championed by former Councilmember Licata, owned by the people rather than by the 1%, ending the corporate-controlled financial monopoly held by their banking cartel. This community financial institution, like the little-known but highly productive, nearly century-old Bank of North Dakota,

Wall Street Journal: Bank of North Dakota Outperforms Wall Street

could fund the aforementioned proven innovative solutions to help end homelessness in Seattle/King County to support the public interest, rather than that exorbitantly charged by corporate-controlled banks. Public municipal banks are being proposed in many cities other than Seattle, and efforts in several of them are far more advanced than here:

Next City: Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate Backs Municipal Public Bank-September 2015

Just this very morning, as a matter of fact, the Philadelphia City Council passed a resolution for their city to begin the process of instituting a Philadelphia Public Bank - the first in America since the establishment of the venerable Bank of North Dakota in 1918.

2. Real action by the Seattle City Council on the results of the taxpayer-funded title audit of the King County Assessor's Office they ordered in early 2015, after receiving numerous complaints concerning mortgage foreclosure fraud being committed by the banking cartel through their corporate-controlled Mortgage Electronic Recording System (MERS). A nationally respected real estate title expert hired by the City of Seattle to audit a sample of nearly 200 foreclosures in South Seattle from records listed in the King County Assessors Office found that a shocking 93% of mortgage foreclosures by the banks using the MERS system they control were fraudulent. This expert also concluded that this systemic foreclosure fraud being committed by the banking cartel in Seattle/King County was responsible for a sizeable percentage of formerly working class/middle class families and individuals being presently homeless.
However, instead of scheduling a hearing for this nationally respected title expert to put her disturbing audit findings on the public record in September 2015 as they had agreed to do in her taxpayer-funded contract, the Seattle City Council has since then held no public hearing or taken any action whatsoever on these crucially important audit findings concerning systemic bank foreclosure fraud as a fundamental cause of homelessness in the Seattle area; neither has the King County Council, or the Washington State Attorney General's Office, also made aware of these shocking findings.
Instead, the Washington State Attorney General, together with the Washington State Bar Association, have seen fit to go after the law license of an attorney loosely allied with this title expert; this attorney has, significantly, won several major cases filed by Seattle area homeowners against the banking cartel for mortgage foreclosure fraud. This also leads into the issue of the corporate-controlled courts' collusion with the banking cartel in this systemic fraud against the people as well.
Moreover, none of the corporate-controlled media in the Seattle area - this apparently includes the alleged alternative media and even the local homeless newspaper - save one independent weekly news program on the Seattle Community Media public access television channel and one foreclosure activist's video website - has bothered to report on this major local story having vast national implications:

TV Report-Call for Investigation-Seattle Community Media: Seattle-King County Officials/Media Suppressing Audit Showing Systemic Mortgage Fraud

A criminal pattern of corporate-controlled government, court and media collusion with the banking cartel in this systemic mortgage foreclosure fraud is further indicated by what just recently occurred in Multnomah County/Portland, Oregon: Multnomah County sued the banking cartel for MERS-based foreclosure fraud and won the case, but then settled for a the relatively token amount of $9 million. This was in return for the banking cartel being able to continue their foreclosure fraud against the people of that county utilizing the totally corrupted MERS system. And, as in Seattle/King County, none of the corporate-controlled local media did any credible coverage of this important story. The Portland Oregonian briefly recapped it with only several paragraphs of text; only a local activist blog gave the damning particulars of this truly compromising settlement:

Living Lies Blog: Multnomah County Enters Into Unlawful Settlement with MERS, Bank of America et al

3. Therefore, since a large percentage of homelessness is being created by mortgage foreclosure fraud perpetrated by the banking cartel of the 1% against the people with the collusion of the corporate-controlled local government, media and court systems, any uninhabited properties found with sufficient evidence provided to prove that they have been fraudulently foreclosed upon could either be returned lawfully to their rightful owners, or used as public property to house homeless people in any way the people of Seattle, who comprise the true government of Seattle, see fit.

All of this also brings up the question of whether a large percentage of the mental illness and substance abuse found in many homeless people is the cause of, or a mere secondary effect from, them trying to deal with the daily realities of their dire situation with too few reliable community resources being made readily available to them during their time of need being manufactured by those who stand most to profit from it.

So I challenge you, Councilmember Herbold, to effectively help end homelessness forever in Seattle, throughout America and throughout the world by acting locally upon these three additional suggestions as to how to eliminate in your city the malignant lesion of homelessness at its primary root: by ending the manufactured, manipulated financial crisis being perpetrated against the people by the global banking cartel and its enablers in corporate-controlled local government, local media, and local court systems.

Again, congratulations on your recent election victory, and thank you in advance for your consideration of these suggestions concerning actually ending homelessness in Seattle and King County - rather than politely and endlessly discussing it.

Very sincerely,

Rebecca Em Campbell-January 21, 2016
(206) 926-3962