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2016 Compost Bin is coming soon

Coming soon to the Compost Bin will be a folder for 2016.
So another new year has crept upon us.
After 16 years we need to make another compost bin, this one for the current year 2016.


Stay tuned our techs are working on this 1/21/16

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Why Did You Have To Deep Six My Little Post\\\? 21.Jan.2016 14:28


Yeah I did a little post about religion and Jesus. I am actually agnostic.

But some of my dear friends need a little faith to get by. Why deny them\\\?

Yeah religion has been sorely abused in every possible way. What has not\\\?

A litle faith never hurt anybody. Ask Eric Clapton. Or Stephen King.

I take no sides. Let it be.

YOUR LINK IS DEAD 18.Mar.2016 21:27

mrs x

Not Found

The requested URL /en/compost/compost was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at portland.indymedia.org Port 80

Compost 2016 Folder now Online 22.Mar.2016 13:10