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KKK in Salem!

KKK has been threatening biracial family in Salem!
We need Anti Racist Action and all other anti-racists and anti-fascists to converge in Salem to support this family under threat from KKK terrorist(s)!

 link to www.rawstory.com

Klan in Salem 14.Jan.2016 13:17


These People Have Way Too Much Free Time 14.Jan.2016 16:54


Can't they study the great new Nim programming language?

No, they have to worry about "race".

There are 1,000+ races. Some of them have dark skin.

These people are about to get foreclosed upon their homes. Maybe their time would be vastly better spent worrying about the banksters.

Anyone contact Rosecity ANTIFA? 14.Jan.2016 18:32

ara fan

That's the obvious next step, if you're going to post it to PDX IMC anyway.

They used to be very involved...then left PDX IMC for some reason...

Here's their website: