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The Contradiction that Neo-Libertarians Can't Face

I visit zerohedge, and hardly enjoy it for its neo-libertarian drivel. Actually, it's this kind of behavior Huxkey warned. As Huxley remarked in Brave New World Revisited, the civil libertarians and rationalists who are ever on the alert to oppose tyranny "failed to take into account man's almost infinite appetite for distractions."
Personally, I think, like twitter and other social networks, that zerohedge itself is part and parcel of those distractions, and so full of the contradictions of its own philosophy that seeing the forest through the trees is impossible for these people. The delusion is so pervasive, it's becoming quite apparent to anyone who looks through their indignanace and own self-image of their version of personal responsibility. Unfortunately, they're no more better prepared to face their contradictions than anyone else. Really, to be a 'libertarian' today simply equates to 'I will do whatever I want' childishness, the product of a playground mentality and lack of real criticism that doesn't have its ego at its base.

Just what would you think of an arms-dealer who would be leader of an anti-war group, yet do nothing to curtail his own enrichment through the 'objective' lens of his 'business'? Well, at zerohedge, you have it right there. Why aren't those disgruntled market participants themselves sinking the markets to which they object? Read in the comments of some who can't seem to keep silent about how they really dislike the market environment, think that it's totally unjust and criminal, but they just happened to make a fortune from the last big squeeze?

Give a read to this:


So the story goes like this...

We neo-libertarians are at heart simply anarcho-capitalists. We recognize no government that would interfere with the workings of business and personal lives to live and do as we choose. Our philosophy is based in fact and can be seen as the very basis of a progressive genetic life as expressed by Darwin and evolutionists and the anthropologic speculators into the progression of cultural and societal development of the species. We (or those we claim to emulate) are the movers of America, the investors in the technology (which was stolen or given by the largess of enhanced 'stimulations' such as mineral rights, or the research originated and perfected by the national labs funded by taxpayer money and government programs) and social infrastructure (also generously funded by the taxpayer), the originator of jobs, the builders of wealth, defenders of your freedoms. We have given America the plethora of the 'busy-work' exampled by the tax industry, the insurance industry, accountants and statisticians, lawyers and other babblers, in the great mass of those for whom we can't find true production and for whom we supply great quantities of material and processes that poison their water, air, exhaust them of physical and material resource and personal will but to be just like us.

We hated government so much that we bought it, struck down regulatory laws, steered its agenda. We did so well that there are few today in government we don't own or who is not a slave of our slave. Hell, we even convinced the government to institute our massive capital pools (pension and retirement plans that could be privately managed and brought by tax-breaks for insecure commoners) to fund our massive investment needs. We believe in a market economy that fosters monopoly with monopolized investment access. Don't accuse us of being truly principled, as we're still too immature to recognize such a thing as ethics or philosophy; we recognize only the expediency of opportunity, even though it's been pretty plain to us that somehow this is not going to turn out well for any but a few. We are the government, in essence. We drive and steer social opinion and manage those through our businesses and our money in education and policy. We prepare for the crash that we instituted by hoarding gold, guns, ammunition, and build private armies and personal fortresses. Fuck 'the villiage' and its idiots...

But, wait!!! Now the machine we bought, built, and staff with our revolving door parade of 'made men' is beginning to eat itself (which we knew all along would happen) and we are being soaked with saliva that we feel our monster's breath warming our exposed back-sides. Hell, now it's time that we see the dishonesty of it all, how truly manipulated and planned our lives have really been all along, AND WE"RE PISSED. Goddamn the government for allowing this all to happen...

Zerohedge is quite a site. The neo-libertertarian informat and master of their particular brand of distraction. Unfortunately, 40+ years of worshipping at the altar of the Goddess Rand has the majority of those who really rely upon 'the villiage' and upon whom 'the villiage' also relies in turn as the real source of employment and wealth in this country, the small-businessman who might have some measure of social ethic if just through his personal investment, has bought this shit hook, line, and sinker, too. They belong to the Chamber of Commerce, donate to causes that ARE the made men to whom they object with some crazy and nonsense thinking they are fighting fire with fire, when its their ass that is being burned.

There are somewhat redeeming individuals in every objectionable group, so this is not a rant against Ron Paul, although he is just another deluded Randian with some measure of personal conscience greater than a 10-year old. Didn't he ever ask himself what an egotistic, bigoted hollywood screen writer and author has to do with economics and social order? Did he ever read her fiction? I've read 'Atlas Shrugged' and 'The Fountainhead'. One thing was plainly apparent to me was that the 'silent' female (in what I felt was in some respects status quo gender deprecation; she was the goddess with the dream of the hero without tragedy who could rule her) accompanying the male hero as heroine was none other than Ayn herself. Ron surely can't recognize a flawed personality. By the way, I did enjoy the books as fiction, fantasy, and well-written. Ayn wasn't without talent. It's just that social philosophy that wasn't tainted with her personal experiences from eastern Europe and her ego wasn't one of those. It's like giving any real credibility to Nietzsche and 'Thus Spake Zarathustra'. Friedrich was a brilliant man, but by the time he wrote the piece, he was a disappointed and physically tormented man who was dying alone. I liked that book, also, so don't get me wrong. One just has to place things in context. Many thinkers who I respect bought the shit.

So the zerohedge story goes just like an Ayn Rand novel.

One does ask who got fucked in 'Atlas Shrugged'. I'll give them a clue. It was Frank Gault, and they emulate him. He lived well enough from his labors and in the end was just mentally tormented. But he was just a wooden charicature beside the golden idol. He had no personality, but the Goddess was happy with that. She could then appear as the innocent, righteous party.

Hey, Zerohedgers. I've one question for you all who've seen this coming and have bitched about it for years as an ethic insult.

If you're so intelligent and 'in the know', WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU SHRUG?

The "social Darwinists" are NOT "Darwinist" 30.Dec.2015 13:15

Mike Novack

They more or less completely misunderstand what "more successful" means in evolutionary terms.

Which, in evolutionary terms are the more successful, the rich or the poor? THE POOR of course. Their numbers keep increasing as a percentage of the population while the percentage of the rich approaches the vanishing point. If this trend continues, soon there will be no more rich in the population, evolutionary dead end.

Thanks, Mike 31.Dec.2015 21:27


For the interesting way of looking at who is really successful in relation to the misbegotton interpretation of natural selection (in which, incidentally, their egos can't recognize 'luck' as a natural and ever-persistent component), and also for an excellent retort in contention.

I was pissed when I wrote this piece...The markets are and always have been a dirty business and those people know it. When didn't brokers and financial adivsors front-run their clientele? When wasn't there trading on inside information? To some of the older traders on zerohedge there was a 'golden age' in which that was not as overt as today. Well, there may have been, and I would like to think that, too.

One can't but help to notice the mythic aspects of all this. Seriously. I'm amazed at the play of archetypes at work just like in Greek and Norse mythology. Though zerohedge doesn't use a once-upon-a-time timelessness as myth and fairy tale, the players assume their situational roles in the faith necessary to support the myth.

Funny thing about their game for true collective sense and advantage...It relies upon the qualities to work well that origninated in families and the 'villiage', not in religion, surely not in economics. Those are (to obviously varying degrees) faith, honesty, and trust. Our individualism has had its moments in the collective, but its insults can be just as horribly gross. You know, I truly believe that these things in general might be predicted by watching the formation of the myth and trend to realization that it was, after all, just false gods and myth that holds some measure of destruction.

Now there's an ubiquitous myth...The destruction. We'll have to talk about the accompanying 'renewal' idea some other time. For now in this case, the only firm idea from the economic libertarians as 'renewl' that seems to come forth is the necessary survival of some measure to the human ego. I guess there'd be no heaven or hell without that idea. As much as I sympathize with some of their ideas, and the public honesty and courage of some is enlightening and appreciated (not Donald and his demagogic courage), I find their solutions frightening again, and hardly 'renewal'.