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Misogynist Peter Young, At It Again

Peter Young is a misogynist who nobody should listen to.
Once admired in the activist community, animal rights activist Peter Young gained a reputation for being a misogynist. In his Evasion book, misogyny ran rampant throughout the book. Later on in life, Peter was outed for being a woman abuser toward his girlfriend. In 2015, he was at it again with his twitter account, repeatedly supporting scientific sexism.

Peter rarely talks about feminist issues, but when he does, it is to suggest that women are wired differently than men. Peter chooses this topic because he is a sexist misogynist who believes that there are innate differences between men and women that prevent women from doing well at certain tasks. Rather than coming right out and saying it, he will tweet biased scientific studies about it with snide little comments. It's really dangerous to have someone like Peter Young doing motivational talks and giving advice to young activists, because of his scientific sexism and racism. He's like a really mild while male supremacist, except that he knows he cannot directly discuss such things within his liberal and/or radical communities. Make no mistake though, Peter Young is a white male supremacist. He believes that science backs up his theories, and he will tweet about it slyly.

The sexism in Evasion, his past of abusing women and his new tweets about biased, sexist bullshit having to do with evolutionary biology, all mean that women in the activist world should avoid this poisonous, misogynist heap of dung and regard him for what he is.