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fbi admits...

Fbi makes official statement on my efforts in civil rights.
Update on my success against the fbi's cowards, fools, torturers, traitors and murderers :

The fbi thugs admit and concede in their own official fbi records as follows:

Geral W. Sosbee demonstrates in all of his work that his...

...diligent, imaginative, and laudable efforts in complex undertakings yield excellent results.


Fbi history book:


homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
phone: phone: na
address: address: usa

You Said I Was FBI. You Lied. You Lie All The Time, Sosbee 18.Dec.2015 12:39


Find some other limited hangout.

My hangouts about simple score voting and wealth control with community industry are totally UNLIMITED hangouts!

We don't need your crazy nomore.

Try a new angle. Write a book maybe. Do something real. You only live once.

Are you in favor of machine-free simple score voting? Or wealth control with community industry?

Yes, or no?

Don't be a coward! That never pays!

Try Some Magnificent Music! 18.Dec.2015 13:48


Entertainment is enlightening!



You Think The CIA Likes Ths? 18.Dec.2015 14:29


The Spanish part is so pro-Commie!


This one is for after a "nuclear exchange"


Good luck Sosbee after your anger.

Get used to the concept that they DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. NO, NOT ONE LITTLE 15 MINUTE FUCK.