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Salted Africa

or is that snow and frostbite?
snow or salt
snow or salt
closer look
closer look
The only real news that I have heard this weekend that just stands out and sticks with me was when that one guy in Africa took the opportunity this weekend to declare his country to be the newest Islamic State, since apparently that was something that needed to be done right now, at a time like this. Consider it a test example along with that Christianic State that was declared in Uganda.

I will assume that our newest Islamic State in Africa
Must be somewhere further south in Africa
Because no country that had just been marinated, salted, smoked, and roasted
Could possibly choose that time to declare themselves and Islamic State
Unless that is how people behave when this does happen to them
Causing their heads to go screwy

This would be either snow
Or the salt from the salted dust cloud that never made it to Europe
And instead just dumped all of its salt here
Just when it seemed to be rounding the corner and heading for Paris
This would not suggest that Paris is off the hook, because
There is always more salt, as you can tell by looking at the satellite images
There is also a brownish haze in the polluted waters of the Atlantic on the right of the image