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Emphasis upon just the TPP

Might the title include the TIPP rather than just 'TPP' as they're tandem agreements to be more clear in intent? Adding the prefix 'anti' might help, too.
And might we begin to include somewhere other than the flyer few really read that these objections and the public appearances raising those objections also includes the TTIP, so that it's also understood how these 'trade deals' work in tandem in the coalitions forming now to isolate China and Russia from what would their natural trading partners and provoke trade advantages and battles? Our political leaders with some exceptions surely aren't addressing these issues. What have we heard but power-statements of our 'leaders' in Congress like that chicken-necked old bastard Orin Hatch, threats of simple domestic political mischief which he'll broker for at least the advantage of his 'friends' if not directly to himself, generous offerings of money and/or 'power', but none defending our rights or our freedoms? I haven't had the stomach to watch the entertainment that might be had from the 'debates', but I do casually catch 'the news' and I've hardly seen the 'freedom' ceded by the managed-left to the extreme right in this country approach even personal freedoms, no less the issues of antiquated 'freedoms' of mineral and water 'rights' which are addressed in these deals. (Those two have always simply been the 'rights' of the powerful anyway. Look at Texas. Clueless.)

While the TPP is bad enough, threatening to spread faulty 'technology' like nuclear power and nuclear processing through deficient infrastructures, it also is directly fostering a 'new' nuclear power in Japan while actively moving its national agenda to a decidedly more-militant and confrontationally agressive position. (That 'power' will surely be instituted long before any ability to deal with even minor accidents and before the populace can catch-up with any ability to deal with minor accidents in shipping and use.) 'Economic' advantages? Hardly. Japan has the technology, infrastructure, and enough plutonium to build untold numbers of nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles in the space of hardly one year. They've had well-publicized failures of their reprocessing efforts, and all this in the space of a very dangerous landscape of external, internal, and natural threats (volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsumanis anyone?) that have and do exist in a time-frame that is obviously beyond the grasp of expedient political ideas, the minds of small intellects, and actual, honest care for their population. The local (islands are intensely local, huh?) fight Okinawa is waging over the relocation of US military base and the Japanese central government's pressure and its direct pandering to the wishes of the US military might be taken as example of how power will corrupt and deny whole sovereign nations of what might be their will. Japan now has Chernobyl in spades, and an 'exclusion zone' whose parameters of exclusion greatly exceed that set by even the old, corrupt, 'godless and insensitive' Soviet regime. Who doesn't see the joke?

The European (read 'NATO' in considering the 'peace' that will be brought by the TTIP) version had hope for relatively, but not uncontentious, resistence in its fairly united stance on GMOs and varied political, social, and cultural differences within the TTIP's targets. But being realistic, one can't help but notice they are all dependent upon the financial mechanizations of the US stock markets and Federal Reserve policies, no less the extreme political and military desires of those elected whose basic function is 'keeping the peace'. No suffering is too great for the powerful and war-minded to use like cattle-prods upon the weak. Germany is 'strong' simply in relation to everyone else, who are weak. The deGaulle era of intentional sovereign independence has long been dead in France and become little more than cultural bigots. France is becoming a nuclear wasteland with the same story as here in the US: aged nuclear infrastructure, new nuclear designs that have basic, inherent material and management flaws. Britian has been perpetually broke since before WWII and an obvious US dependent. They, too, have their nuclear problems, both the legacy of old and current nuclear policies. Honestly, those nuclear problems are or will be owned and shared all over Europe (Notice two of the four Belgian reactors have severe enough material problems with their plants that they'd been shut down over the questions of survivability, one of the two restarted to use only as a test-bed for the source and solution of those problems.) No one has even approached those old Soviet designs in the former eastern-bloc countries which has nuclear parks of multiple machines. The chaos in Ukraine might be taken as example of the 'concern' the powers in the US for anyone's populace and a clue to how they might honestly feel about our own. Think the European action in Libya was about Africa and a 'human-rights violator' (the US managed-left was totally bankrupt here with its intentional short-sightedness) and some sentiment over their old colonial ties? Did anyone ask themselves how deeply in debt Europe was to Libya, France and Italy in particular? Or that the 'human rights violator' was expressing the desire and moeny for a pan-African funding mechanism which might avoid the obvious thrust to at least resource-colonialism? Italy is such a joke they elected a comedian who returned to his ancient place as a challenge and thorn to power. (He's smarter than to take that power in person.) Spain? Portugal? Even the Scandanavian countries are getting into the act, the 'Nordic' economic thrust challenged by the manipulations of economic policy wagged by the dog of extremist economic ideas that gather and unite merely those craving personal power.

Our own US 'libertarian' faction are making the exact mistake that Aldous Huxley predicted, failing to "take into account man's almost infinite appetite for distractions" and the base of their philosophy: personal ego and unmitigated comfort. They unite no one but their like, those personally-frustrated helpless, and the narrow-thinking. Every institutution that is the rightful provence of what might be a great and charitable, if somewhat narcissistic, American culture has been co-opted: educational systems, objective informative media, the judicial system (reverance for 'The Law' and hardly that law's rightful god, Justice), political infrastructure, even the mechanisms for public change, the voting system. We get distracted by 'presidents' whose constraints and demands dwarfs what a common man might imagine and 'made men' as defined by our criminal mafias long before political candidacy, and all in secret and with malevolent intrigue and purpose. Technology has now given us what power can't possibly resist, a combination of Orwell and Huxley which kills in our name and will debase itself to any contradiction, any and all coersive, and extortive methods.

While I, along with others, feel we've no one to blame but ourselves (I know power can be broken and put in its place) and it's no reason to keep pointing that out (guilt isn't as great a mover of change as one might reason), and I realize that for most of us our impress upon the public with our personal actions is momentary and limited, I'm only out there with a sign and opening my mouth to try to reasonably bring debate to what I feel is what segment of the population that I can. I feel, in the whole, that our society, no matter how one feels about how 'bad' it has devolved into some mistaken interpretation of evolution (the 'libertarian' mantra of 'survival of the fittest' which uses such while intentionally ignorant of the luck and circumstance involved in the real basis of the biological theory, which is natural selection) the greater part of society is reasonable and have critical thinking of some value. It's also of no matter how helpless one feels, society impresses me as compromise by definition. I've compromised. We all have to some extent, unless one is a discrete hermit, and in today's more modern world and living with its techological power few truly have that ability or desires beyond dreams. I've built my house and raised a family; been faced with seeing those with whom I directly interact and for whom I discretely care suffer if I lived with them as an individual rather than a member of a collective. But this re-enactment of all great wars throughout modern history has to be challenged beyond family and the tribalism that is gripping the collective psyche. These trade treaties must be put into their proper perspective as oppressive and constraining, real impediments to peaceful human progress and continued comfort of those I love, even if comfort that ensues from passage will have to nominally be available from its actions that advantage more than a small few.

We can't let mistaken ideas stand without challenge. War is nothing but eating one's own vomit. There have been few truly defensive wars, some line of causation ignored that accounts for its destruction in which both bear some responsibility, not 'Pax Americana' or 'economic opportunity'.

I guess I'm just feeling the frustration of lack of sincere discussion with any but single pointed issue in the populace. And the rain that has me feeling like hell and keeps me off the sidewalks. Sure we have our 'talking heads', from the likes of that war-monger Kristol, to Ron Paul, and Paul Criag Roberts who do approach a more wide-ranging set of objections. But, notice something? They're all from the right. Definitely. No more than the war-monger (Kristol and his ilk) confronting what might be the remnants of the conscience that at one time may have been with the captive-conservative faction. I've no objections to that conscience and will not disparage it, but it's just haggling within the family and a good show to the public. I ask myself just how can a labor union can support an expressly public left-spectrum political faker like Hillary Clinton and not have the intellect to understand how they are compromising themselves to oblivion while seemingly accepted their demise. They've surrendered. It's not rationality. It's abandonment of founding principles.

The issues involved are invitations to discrete societies and cultures to that same demise, ours included. I'm no revelational doomer and I don't think what I'm saying is revelational. The consequences of these trade deals in relation to the whole have been thought through thoroughly by those who put such a thing forward. They're hardly stupid, and employ whole think-tanks of 'educated' 'thinkers' to inform of what they may have missed, silently in the background. Those of those think-tanks with their silence should, at least, inform another of those individuals' desires and care for any but themselves and their employer. Plain mercenaries. I've my mercenary actions, too, but as educated and degreed, they have choices well-above a common working-stiff as myself, yet who is out in the street with a sign and are patient being asked: "What is the TPP"?

I'm sure many who sees this talks of what I'm speaking to others, both the deals the breadth of those deals' implications. Surely Russia and China are talking amongst themselves. India, too, though they seem to be making some efforts to be above it all through counter-compromise (allowing Russia and China to partake in India's economic ascension), but meanwhile compromised none-the-less, somewhere lost in limbo. Any of those parties will force India to one position or the other.

You know, I'll make it no secret that I published a tongue-in-cheek article on Indymedia pointing to what seems the only hope of retirement strategy that might be envisioned and available to the common man today. Its title came from the contemporary old hippie saying (I'm an old hippie, after all) from a Furry Freak Brothers comic of the time: "Dope will get you through no money better'n money will get you through no dope." Garnered little comment, but the smoke is really, really, thick in the room now and most everyone's got a contact high. I hope they enjoy the moments. Those powers even now are monopolizing the dope supplies. It's cheap...for a while, and those who might have feigned for economic reasons or fear of the 'law' have got cash and, in some places, the law in favor. Are you ready for the GMO versions? I wouldn't doubt there's some around, nor will I doubt that these new entreupeneurs use modern chemicals. But unlike the black market, where users were reliant upon each other and friends of friends, and might be assured of grabbing a buzz from somewhere within that community when they felt it was really needed, just where is the assurance today without becoming an outright killer in fact or inference? We've graduated to more serious use, dominated by pimps and gangs and the underside of society. Same nice clothes and cars (armored, by the way), same pomp and extravagance, same demands as those given a junkie.

So, look, I know most have more pressing issues in their lives to deal with. To some the issues might be really so remote to today's survival and tomorrow's continued existence there is no question of time for speaking, or walking sidewalks, or confronting the uninformed on the streets. Again, we've a few who do. It's natural and I accept that. But at least honk, wave, or whatever showing some support if you've any mind to consider and care about what I'm saying and those out there doing it. C'mon...Costs nothing, is anonymous.

Time is very short. Our Congressional-compromisers will be set soon to vote on the issue, as soon as all the corporate cash rolls in fully (thank you Scalia and his friends whose intellect is about as deep as the word-criticism he feels is his job as Supreme Court Justice) and they apportion the domestic opportunity and domestic power passage will bring to them. If nothing is done, other than who pander to those who represent a single issues assuming another can put two-and-two-together-to-make-four and find the others, can one really expect anything good from the outcome? And you who sit on your nihilist asses waiting for 'the revolution' might do better of yourselves. One might see the rat's hole, but never see the rat unless you rattle a stick inside. In the meantime, they're eating you out of house and home.

These and so many issues boggle me. I sympathize, as I'm fiercely independent and generally like to keep to myself, but have to get along. But at this point it's become like the issue of solving violence with violence, or of electronic surveillance. Who, in their right mind, would contend that surveillance, yet continue to use the tools that are expressly mandated to listen in and pinpoint exactly where a device (and its user) might be located? Find that device so necessary to their lives that they can't do without? They don't own anything but one single mode of broadcast and/or reception. Neither the programs of the devices, or any other supporting equipment. One doesn't hide in public; one only blends with the compromisers even if the compromise is faked, and is simply at the same place, laboring to smooth the ground before the king and his court's stride.