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Infowars Trump Interview: Is Alex Jones a CIA Contract Agent?

He keeps bragging about all the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security agents that he
Who's pimping who\\\?
Who's pimping who\\\?
So there's Trump being interviewed by Alex Jones for his daily show. The same day as the San Bernardino shootings. Trump is going on and on about how he "warned the world about Osama Bin Laden" back in 2000, a full year before 911. "I warned everyone and then look what happened" he said, referring to the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks. He made sure everyone knows that he is positive that OBL was the real culprit. Did Jones backup a bit and try to correct Trump about Bin Laden's role as a PATSY in a false flag operation run by the U.S. military? Where all American defenses stood down during a full on attack? Did Jones mention that he built his entire career by insisting that 911 WASN'T a Bin Laden operation, but an inside job to justify Middle East wars and loss of liberties at home? Nope. Not a peep. Jones is so damned impressed with himself having the "Republican front runner candidate for President" as a guest that he forfeits a one in a billion chance to "expose the truth" (as he so fond of saying) to someone who may actually have the power to confront the issue. But No. Jones just punks out completely and lets the racist great white dope blather on with his hatred and fear mongering. Interspersed with commercials for iffy vitamin supplements of course. Who is Jones really working for? You can't have it both ways. He's been busy praising people and politicians that he considered 911 criminals and accessories a decade ago. If AJ were really a threat to anyone do you think he'd still be around? He's like a cult, with his band of younger adherents and "guests" that are thankful for any little dab of airtime they can get. Jones still thinks 1000'S celebrated 911 in Patterson New Jersey! Where's the video? One cell phone snapshot? It's the 21st century man. SOMEONE would have an image. Jones knows this yet goes along with Trump's delusional bullshit. Ask yourself "WHY"?

rAT 04.Dec.2015 09:52


There was likely a very detailed agreement signed that limited what could be asked and what would be discussed. If nothing else, it was one entertainer to another.

That Trump is an ass is apparent, huh? You'd think the guy could afford a hair transplant...

But the public is clueless about Trump being anything more than an 'insider'. Sure, he's no Kissinger, or even Obama, but he knows EVERONE, from the most junior reps to the vast array of Saudi princes.

Look, all I can say is that like boy George, he's grander visions than his intellect can grasp. One can likely find 150M or so of the American population as qualified or better. His common intellect might be what many want. But I guarantee, no matter what he say, elected he'll find out how viscious the dogs he runs with really are.

Like the little Pekinese I had who approached a coyote in the typical little-dog defense, barking and attempting to appear as large as possible...The coyote looked down, and one deft move later the confrontation was over.

tongue in cheek 06.Dec.2015 18:41

Rodentia Citizen

Of course I don't really believe that, but maybe I got A.J.'s attention anyway. If Jones is going to play coy politics along with the likes of Trump, especially about 911, his credibility, (such as it is) will really take a leap off the rails. I do enjoy Richard Knight though. At least he's calm and seems more impartial than Buckaroo Banzai Jones, the screaming meme from the Staked Plains of Conspiracyville. It's not that Jones is wrong all the time. It's just that the story is always about ALEX JONES somehow. He's always the centerpiece of the stories. He's the greatest interrupter the web has ever seen. Any interview is 77% Jones and 23% the "guest". Yelling and screaming just reinforces the image of the out of orbit "nut case" conspiracy buff. I guess he thinks it's all just theatre and no one will pay attention unless he imitates an angry meth head all the time. I really dunno. But Americans don't need anyone to scold them, as resent anyone scolding them and underestimating their own intelligence and judgement. We're not ALL dumbed down you know.

David Knight 07.Dec.2015 20:40


I meant to say David Knight. Sor-eee