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Why has the Sahara Satellite Gone Offline?

This is why I was looking for an 'independent media'. Things like that. I am the suspicious sort.
Okay. Let's choose the least conspiracy theory. By coincidence the server has developed a bug and can no longer release satellite images.

Or then again perhaps David Cameron has developed a bug. The server is located in England.

This does tend to confirm that something catastrophic has just happened. Circling the wagons, are we? How long will this go on? Just until the world leaders have a chance to clear out of Paris? When is that? December 11th. By the 12th the bug will be fixed?

a new possibility 03.Dec.2015 15:16


maybe they took it offline because you were flooding indymedia with images that have nothing to do with anything, with no analysis or reasonable purpose as to why you were posting them.

Yes Brent 03.Dec.2015 16:01


Yes Brent, world leaders are terrified about you placing these images with barely any sense of discernible context on Portland's independent media center.

Terrorists ? 03.Dec.2015 17:48



Lets just see 03.Dec.2015 21:09


the server comes back on line, which makes me just a-bit curious, what might the official explanation be?

context is everything 04.Dec.2015 06:14


You are right

I shouldn't tell half a story, I should tell the whole thing

If I told the whole thing then the whole thing would be censored

In any case I will stop posting here

But before I go I will leave you with a web url

I call it 'the living resurrection' not just deserts can rise from the dead you know
the right half of my face is younger than the left half

there are other examples of the same thing scattered through the index page
and other things equally weird that you would no nothing about because I can't tell you
you can however look them up if you thought it was the worth the time
I do understand that you get bombed at this sight by people not worth listening to
so perhaps I will just catch up with you later
I mention such weird things at the risk of being immediately tossed into the garbage can

now this is my '666' mark of the beast driver's licence
no doubt this is why I have lost my mind and have 'gone deluded'
then i would go on to tell you that it is the Second Coming of Christ and that bad devil wants to tar and feather me by giving me the mark of the beast
up to now even churches haven't been calling me the beast because its so damned obvious that I am not, that even the religious right doesn't bring it up maybe later, when they get desperate enough to clutch at straws i don't know
actually what has happened you can read about on the main index of my webpage
I am not going to repeat myself and it is concise enough to not completely waste your time
this will then give you some of that missing context
as for the changes on that sahara desert I have been waiting for that desert since earth day, april 22nd, 2001, for reasons which can be discerned on that page
as for borrowing your website, which I will no longer do, as far as it concerns the changes on the desert, it was my intention to be redundant which makes censorship impossible, that is part of the reason, and it is also my intention to make sure that people are aware of the strange things happening on the desert
and once again context is important, because only someone who is so obssessed with that desert and has been since 2001 would realize just unusual these changes are, because if any damned changed even a little on that desert I would have been the first one to notice it, given how closely I have watched that desert for almost fifteen years and never saw a damned thing until now
but then you would not have the same context and it is good of you to remind me of that fact
although at the same time providing the context is just a way to get tossed into the garbage can and results in a garbled half message that makes no sense to anyone

now as for that dust storm, time has run out on this place and now comes the wrath of God
that is some more missing context
what I am suggesting here is that it was not coincidental that this happened on the day that it did
given what was going on in Paris
and I am saying that this is one more sign
and of course they won't be liking this in Paris
any more than they like me


dust blob 04.Dec.2015 06:18


Here are two false images of our (unreported) dust blob, in the false color spectrum of the satellite, which distinguishes it quite well

I would imagine that it is as dark as midnight for the inhabitants under that enormous cloud blob (december 4th, 2015)

the satellite images also that some of the dust blown up by that storm is heading up the west coast of AFrica so they should be seeing salt and dust in Paris in the next few days
dust blob 1
dust blob 1
dust blob 2
dust blob 2

strange 04.Dec.2015 06:21


you ever wonder why some people behave so strangely
first the satellite server goes offline
now its back
now the media refuses to report on the Cameroon Nigeria Paris dust blob
but the I guess that would be because of that dreadful coincidence
not to mention the fact that I was the first with story and posted it on Indymedia
which then involves me and means that they must avoid that story like the plague on their house that it is

however it is such an enormous awe inspiring looking blob I don't know how long they can stifle the story
and with what looks like some of that dust heading north towards Paris that might get people asking questions
where did this salty dust come from and so on

Why not the most obvious explanation? 04.Dec.2015 06:23

Mike Novack

When servers of this sort are set up, they are assigned an amount of the machine adequate to handle the expected amount of traffic (a "server" doesn't have to be a whole machine; just a program running on a machine). Since intended for specialists, probably normally not a lot of traffic.

Then you come along, write silly stuff, stir up the curiosity of lots of people to look at these images, and the server is overloaded. Needs to be taken down and adjusted for the sudden increase in traffic.

PLEASE -- don't misunderstand that "silly". Just claiming that you have no more of a clue how to interpret those images than the rest of us have.

Brent, what I suggest is that if you think there is something funny going on with the weather in the Sahara, you go to places where academic meteorology is discussed, and see if there is mention. You should do that BEFORE posting unless you include information about your academic background in meteorology so we would have some reason to believe you had competence to comment on the images.

our priceless enviroment 04.Dec.2015 06:36


everyone is so concerned about our precious environment
that is why 140 world leaders are in Paris and the media is keeping the focus on our priceless environment
helpfully there is a major environment story now that they have a gigantic flying dust blob
they will be discussing the flying dust blob in Paris, behind the scenes
while the media goes into self denial and just hopes that it will just go away

you can't treat someone like me the way they persistently treat me for so damn long
without there being consequences and hell to pay for it sooner or later
and better later than sooner but sooner or later time runs out

now as long as they maintain a wall of silence they can keep me sounding like a lunatic who went off his pills
but sooner or later it will start to look like it was the lunatics who were running the asylum the whole time

hi everybody 04.Dec.2015 09:09


I have been kicked off the internet.

I guess it must be those 'war against terrorism' laws. As those activists in Paris have discovered those things are like the Swiss Army knife....a tool for every job.

It is so inconvenient. Now I have to get dressed up, and walk over to the nearest wifi hotspot, and hope that my website is still online. So annoying...

that didn't take long I just finished that last post to indy and bang, no more internet, well, not at home anyways

watch out, because you could be next, given your coverage of the flying salted dust blob, one of the most important environment stories at the present time...it is like you have bullseye painted on you now

dick cheney's bust 04.Dec.2015 09:12


They just unveiled Dick Cheney's bust so that now when people visit the seat of government in their nation's they will be graced by the presence of Dick's bust in one of the lobbies.

Just what did Dick do to earn this singular high honor, such that they couldn't even wait until he was dead? He's their annointed one, is he. Those capitalists will be sending a message, to Congress and to the Senate. Dick, Dick, he's their man, if he can't do it no one can. I guess the rule of thumb is that there is no problem that cannot be solved by the military industrial complex and if things get worse that just means even more violence will fix it, perhaps, sooner or later, and if not never mind. Just carry on. The important thing is to hang onto every nickel until you are dead, and to hell with the rest of it. We do need to set out priorities and get them straight.

I suppose that given the scornful raspberries on Twitter, where Dick's bust was trending, people should at least be thankful that it is one step short of carving Dick's head onto Mount Rushmore. Which they still might do, although I assume they would wait until he was dead before launching that next provocation.

Some people feel very safe and secure and even when they tell the population 'let them eat cake' and we hear hypocritical chatter about the 'age of austerity' while Marie and Louis pile up fifty percent of the world's wealth (and growing) they are still not afraid to provoke the serfs by putting Dick Cheney's bust in a cherished place in the capitol. You see, they spent trillions of dollars on a monstrous military industrial complex, and right now their next plans are to build robots like in the Terminator movie so they can send those cyborgs into places like Iraq or Syria at some in the future, which will make that sort of thing a lot easier for them. So they have their plans, and they aren't worried about anything because they have the military industrial complex to terrorize the entire planet and allow them sleep at night while enjoying their luxurious and very priveleged lifestyle, without having to worry that they might somehow wind up like Marie and Louis. They got the fix. There has never been anyone like them. In the history of the entire world, with all its revolutions and upheavels, there has never been a more permanent and unstoppable aristocracy like this one, provided that their soldiers don't mutiny, causing civil war. They still don't have the terminator yet, so this is something they still have to worry about.

this is like sosbee 2.0 05.Dec.2015 10:56


"they're out to get me! Me and my completely un-threatening sahara pics that are literally accessible to anyone on earth through the same website"

terror attack on europe is imminent 05.Dec.2015 11:49


Terror Attack on Europe is Imminent I can see now, by studying my intelligence reports, that there signs that we are heading to Paris with a massive salted dust blob.

The intelligence reports indicate that the salted dust blob has moved out over the ocean and is heading east. Some of its dirty dust can be seen taking the curve around the African continent and then starting to head north towards Paris. That is enough for me.

For this reason I am going to raise my terrorism alert for all of Europe to a code 3, for the early signs indicate that Europe is about to be salted.

God speed salted dust blob.

For, in the words of some of those songs which I am sure are destined to become the iconic songs of our times, something big I feel it happening, and now it is out of my control. This is it, the apocalypse. Welcome to the new age, to the new age.

I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
I'm breathing in the chemicals

I'm breaking in, shaping up
Then checking out on the prison bus
This is it, the apocalypse
I'm waking up
I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
I raise my flag
Dye my clothes
It's the revolution I suppose
We're painted red to fit right in
All systems go
Sun hasn't died
Deep in my bones
Straight from inside
I'm waking up

salted blob 1
salted blob 1
dusty edge
dusty edge

we are all just dust blobs in the wind 06.Dec.2015 12:07


Duststorm katrina, coming soon to kansas

Dear.Brent 16.Dec.2015 07:21


While i believe that your presentation and analysis could do with some grounding and general level-headedness, I do find this article to be fascinating. It is also quite newsworthy and great that you were able to bring unique content here. Do you have information on how to watch the satellite feeds for others who may be interested?

I found this article in mainstream media referencing the Saharan dust storm which, has as you said, is headed north and is now poised to hit the UK.
 link to www.theguardian.com

Brent, I don't know you but I fear for your health. The hyperbole and assumptions that you casually lob around are not helping your cause or (I suspect) your wellness. I would encourage you to take deep breaths and attempt to find calm a midst the admittedly crazed world. Please take care of yourself. Fear and panic are tools of the enemy.

Beg pardon if there is a level of sardonic humor that I am misinterpreting as genuine end times terror stream of consciousness.