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Join Salem or Vancouver WA climate change marches

Get everyone you can to join us Sun., Nov. 29th at 1 pm for a Climate Action March in Vancouver, WA off of highway 14 from 4600 SE Columbia Way to the park. Wear warm layered clothes, bring water and signs. Have fun being inspiring and photgenic and persuasive. Support in solidarity others around the world rallying/marching today. No more false flags terrorism to excuse wars for oil and wars on public free speech and people power. Together we can bring justice/peace and water and food for all, stopping the deforestation and ocean deadzones, poisoning, diseases, die-offs, mass migrations, wars, prisons. Keep fossil fuels in the ground. Ground methane and CO2. Build energy and food systems that are just for all by being sustainable, localized, democratized, redundant, multi-purpose, beneficial.
For more info, please check out



I hope to see you all there, celebrating your love and integrity, your creativity and courage, your hope and honor. Feel the love!

Else, you can go to the march in Salem.  http://act.350.org/event/global-climate-march/11278?source=tce