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Abdelhamid Abaaoud

Theater of the Absurd
Abdelhamid Abaaoud.
In February 2014, when he appeared in an Islamist video driving a truck dragging the corpses of infidels. Interpol put out an international arrest for him after the video was posted online.

Abaaoud driving corpses behind his truck

When Abaaoud returned from Syria he was identified by the intelligence services and his name was put on the list of 80 terrorists known to be in town. Abaaoud found in town about a month before Paris attacks ...

Fran├žoise Schepmans, mayor of Molenbeek, a Brussels district dubbed a "terrorists' den" due its links with jihadists, has admitted receiving a list with the names and addresses of more than 80 people suspected as Islamic militants living in her area. This included Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Molenbeek resident who had left for Syria to fight for the Islamic State in early 2014 and was killed last week outside Paris, along with Brahim Abdeslam , who blew himself up on the boulevard Voltaire and his brother Salah Abdeslam - currently on the run. Ms Schepmans told the New York Times: "What was I supposed to do about them? It is not my job to track possible terrorists." That, she added, was "the responsibility of the federal police".

David Thompson, author of the book French Jihadists said, speaking of Abaaoud,

"One must understand who this man is. He is the public face of the French-speaking jihadi world. His face was displayed for several days last year round-the-clock on all France's major news channels. In 2013 and 2014, on his own Facebook page, under his true identity, he posted videos of himself on the Syrian front, grenade launcher in hand, calling for people to join him."

What is so weird about all this is that such a person, who was so well known, infamous really, could move freely around Europe, and even get flagged in a report a month before the Paris attacks as being back in town, and still go on to do something like that. WTF?

This is the sort of thing that will fuel no end of conspiracy theories about how the French government did the Paris attacks. You know, Hitler burned down the Reichstag, Bush and Cheny did 911, and now Hollande deliberately planned the Paris attacks so that the right wing could lock down France. It is predictable. We will be hearing that stuff for a long time.

No one can say that this was a failure of the French Intelligence, or that it was somehow a failure to have a state of emergency, or evidence of the need to lock the borders, or that it was proof of the dangers lurking hidden within the refugees, because everyone already knew that guy, and furthermore they already knew that he had returned from Syria and was back in town. Interpol had an international arrest warrant out for him after he posted that video of dragging the corpses of infidels behind his pick up truck, so it wasn't like they couldn't arrest him because 'they had nothing on him.' Nothing about this story suggests a failure of intelligence nor does it suggest a need for the paranoid fascist style clamp down in places like Belgium or France.

One of the most reasonable sounding explanations I have heard is that French Intelligence does not want to arrest 'radicalized Islamists' but instead wants them to come back to France so as to recruit more 'radicalized Islamists' so they can take them back to Syria to continue the fight against Assad, the Russians, and Iran. This would make Abaaoud one of those 'moderate Islamists' that all those governments say they are supporting to help topple Assad in Syria.

The alternative would be to accept all manner of conspiracy theories, for this was definitely NOT an intelligence failure nor was it a failure of the system such that now extreme right wing measures are required. Everything was working fine, and whatever went wrong went wrong in some other place in some other way.

So once again I ask, WTF?

No, not the most reasonable explanation 27.Nov.2015 12:11

Mike Novack

"One of the most reasonable sounding explanations I have heard is that French Intelligence does not want to arrest 'radicalized Islamists' but instead wants them to come back to France so as to recruit more 'radicalized Islamists' so they can take them back to Syria to continue the fight against Assad, the Russians, etc."

No, the most reasonable sounding explanation is that it is rather hard to find people on their home ground who are taking good security precautions (avoiding known haunts). Remember, these were French and Belgians in France and Belgium. And yes of course they can move around between countries in the EU that do not require their citizens to go through passport controls.

Read your local newspaper. See how many people get picked up "on outstanding warrants" (cops went the their house and found them at home) vs as the result of a road accident, routine traffic stop, something unrelated, etc.

Did you imagine that there could be thousands of agents, each having learned to recognize the faces of a few from the "hundred most wanted" list, spending each day riding the Metro, standing at one of the entrances of a train station, a busy market, etc. in the hopes of one of the wanted that they could pick out of a crowd walked by? How much luck do you think they would have in a big city like Paris? Do you think very many of that 100 would be caught in a month, or even in a year, going about it like that?

need more info 27.Nov.2015 20:14


The most wanted are usually in the most trouble when they are on America's Most Wanted. They caught the Night Stalker, one of the most wanted in just a few days, by reminding everyone. Most people don't go around thinking all the time about the most wanted, nor do they have photographic memories.

However this guy was the French version of Osama bin Laden and so since they knew he was in town for a full month, giving the guy the full Night Stalker treatment by bombarding the population with his round the clock image could have helped a lot. For some reason that did not happen, nor was there a raised terrorism alert.

It is all pretty weird.

We know that the Jihadis were being helped with coordinated air strikes in Libya and after that was over we know that outfits like the CIA coordinated an airlift to transport those jihadist from Libya to Syria. Saudi Arabia has probably also been paying to transport Jihadis from Afghanistan.

Now if this guy was working with French Intelligence to bring more Jihadis from France to Syria this would then explain how he evaded arrest and why it was that no attempt was made to smoke him out. It would have been French Intelligence who passed info the press to build this guy up into the French Osama to give him extra credibility in the community he was targeting for recruitment.

This would kill two birds with one stone. It was get more jihadis sent to Syria and it would also get them out of France.

As time goes by and there are leaks and more discoveries it will be interesting to find out who knew what when. Whatever the case this was not a 'failure of intelligence' requiring more stringent police state laws, for they knew he was in town, nor was this a problem caused by refugees, not is state of emergency required because they already had the tools to catch the guy, but they never tried.

botched intel op? 27.Nov.2015 21:29


You might remember how right after the Paris attacks a big gun battle broke out with the rest of that gang and the female suicide bomber blew up her vest rather than be taken alive. It sure didn't take French Intelligence long to catch the rest of that gang.

It might be possible that this was a botched intelligence operation. French intelligence wanted to follow those people around to get to know all their contacts, and somehow missed the fact that they were building suicide vests and packing guns and ammo for an attack.

So then whether this was a marriage that ended in divorce or some botched intel op, in either case it does not justified increased police state powers, but rather some foul up is now resulting in the powers that be trying to cover their asses for a screw up by making it seem that they did nothing wrong other than that they needed more police state powers and were to shy to ask for them before.

smug 27.Nov.2015 22:18


After having such a debacle in Paris which could have been blamed on the ineptitude of French Intelligence, they quickly gave the world a stunning display of just how good those people are at what they do when they wasted no time locating the rest of that gang right after the Paris attacks.

French Intelligence is so good that perhaps they have become smug and complacent which would then explain how they were out foxed by what they thought was one of their own double agents or how they could have been so careless and sloppy as they carefully tracked the movements of the French Osama bin Laden, while somehow missing all the signs of that impending attack.

Did Hitler Burn Down the Reichstag? 28.Nov.2015 14:21


In Quebec, a province of Canada, which has not been struck by terrorists, a law has passed banning demonstrations and marches, unless less than fifty people show up. Martin Luther King's million man march would be illegal under today's increasingly restrictive system.

Now in France no one can demonstrate or march. It is against the law under the new police state powers of the French State following the events in Paris. I bet the right wing hawks and the staunch social conservatives must be overjoyed for if there is one thing those people hate it is having people marching in the streets or displays of any form of civil disobedience against the authoritarians.

Naomi Klein, one of the more well known of those activists planning to make their presence felt at the climate conference in Paris, accused French authorities of "a gross abuse of power that risks turning the summit into a farce."

"Climate summits are not photo opportunities to boost the popularity of politicians," she told the Guardian. "Given the stakes of the climate crisis, they are by their nature highly contested. That is democracy, messy as it may be. The French government, under cover of anti-terrorism laws, seems to be trying to avoid this, shamefully banning peaceful demonstrations and using emergency powers to pre-emptively detain key activists."

Did Hitler burn down the Reichstag? Did Bush and Cheney take down the towers? Was Hollande behind the Paris attacks? These are the Super Conspiracy Theories, and it is understandable that these develop given the murky relationship that exists between terrorists and the powerful right wing elements of the elites. If communist terrorists did not exist then Hitler would have had to invent them.

Hitler was the type to dress some prisoners up in Polish military uniforms have them shot and dumped at the border and then claim that these were the bodies of terrorists infiltrators crossing the borders into France. Goebbels did not have enough time to manufacture new propaganda for the Polish terror attacks on Germans in Danzig, Poland, so he had to simply recycle some old cooked up photos he had used the year before against the Czechs and hope that enough time had gone by and the public memorie was short enough that no one would notice the repetition. For the Americans in the Second World War the propaganda theme they heard was that it was a war for freedom and democracy. For the Germans the story was that the Germans were fighting the war against terrorism, which started when communist terrorists burned down the Reichstag (the parliament), which was the 'German 911' during the World War II years. Czechoslovakia was 'a failed state' in which terror attacks could be launched against Germans, this justified German action since the Nazis were not going to make any distinction between the terrorists or those states which either supported or harbored the terrorists. The Polish state was another one of those states that 'sponsored terrorism' and therefore were just asking for it.

When you consider the type of person that Hitler was and then ask the question, 'did Hitler burn down the Reichstag' you can 'it would not surprise me if he did', since attacks by terrorists might as well be done by the hawkish right which would then save them the bother of waiting for some 'real terrorist' to come along and do the deed for them.

As for George Bush, my impression of that man is that he was a genuine religious zealot, and people like that would rather patiently, and would never burn down the Reichstag themselves because it would clash with their own self image in which they are on a moral crusade for God. People who are called out to go on crusades for God are the types who would always wait patiently for terrorists to strike, no matter how long it takes, because in the battle between good and evil, it is a big part of their self image to think of themselves on the side of good. Hitler didn't give a damn about such things, his psychological make up being summed up in his quote, 'better to be the wolf than the sheep'.

Hollande has been the George Bush of France, the most unpopular lowest rated French politician in history, and has been for some time, but given just how scandalous this Paris situation has become as one probes deeper into the incompetence or the hubris, it seems very unlikely to me that Hollande would like solidify his unpopular position, or, if that were possible, make it even worse than it already was by doing something so atrocious as engineering an attack on Paris, especially one that seems to expose some sort of hidden behind the scenes bungling as that one (some mayor was being warned about the threat, and if even some low rank mayor knows about it that means everybody knows about it).

Working with Psychopaths 28.Nov.2015 14:31


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Will spend your Social Security as they see fit.

They do not care about "the average American"


They care about their own POWER.

Nothing else.

Vote for their candidates! Be a sucker!