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Nostradamus and the Paris Attacks

According to the Great Sage, the horrors in Paris are only the beginning of a new age of NUCLEAR TERRORISM
According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, the attacks in Paris signal the beginning of a new era of NUCLEAR TERRORISM leading to A global NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. It's true that almost every Nostradamus video on Youtube is full of nay-saying trolls who pooh-pooh each and every prediction. Supposedly to lend "balance" to such a controversial subject as prophecy. Basically the same kind of "scientific" jerks who rained on Edgar Cayce's parade way back in the 1920's. But the fact remains that Nostradamus' predictions about Paris, and the context of those visions within the matrix of Islamic terrorism is really just too much to ignore. What follows the "Paris" quatrain? Go here and find out. www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1030099/pg1 It's not pretty and is real food for thought considering what's happening in Syria and Europe and especially Paris.

Uh 27.Nov.2015 11:42


I would dispute this on the ground that Nostradamus lived at a time when the idea of nuclear terrorism could not even be contemplated as the knowledge of the atomic world, never mind weaponry developed from it, did not exist.

But why go there when I can just point out nothing in the text even mentions nuclear terror.

Sadly, par for your course. Perhaps you can dig up some conspiracy that wiped out the lines about this nuclear terror.

time? 01.Dec.2015 17:39


Time? Time did not exist for Nostradamus. YOU GODDAMNED TROLL