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Fox in the Hen House

"Justin Welby endorses use of force in Syria."
Justin Welby is similar to the Pope of the English Anglican Church. "Justin Welby endorses use of force in Syria."

Archbishop Justin Welby said the reality of an intervention "must include some kind of forceful response". He added: "It is almost impossible to see how it can be done otherwise." ... In the same way as the French police on that dreadful night had to go into the Bataclan theatre and deal with those who had taken it over, the international community has to face the necessity that it may in certain parts of the world need to challenge the equivalent people who have not taken a theatre but taken a whole section of land and using it to wreak the most terrible havoc ... (The War on Terrorism) is theological and ideological. There will be aspects that may involve the use of armed force in a quasi-policing form. We will differ over when that is right and wrong. Yet at the heart of this conflict, for the first time in centuries in Western Europe, is theology."

It sounds to me like inviting the fox back into the hen house. First that fox kicked the door down and barged into that hen house terrifying the hen and busting all her eggs and then burned down half of her hen house, leaving it an infamous tottering wreck. Now, out of a sense of duty, and, alas out of that sense of responsibility that is The White Man's Burden, it is now time for us to send that same fox back into the ruins of the hen house, this time as a cop to play the role of global policeman. Now I have heard that it takes a thief to know a thief, but I am having a hard time imagining any other situation where, say, for example, the Mafia would be called in to deal with policing some fiasco caused by organized crime. Capitalist Imperialism is unique in that regard, for it would appear that people are willing to park their respect for the law outside the door for as we all know the rich and the powerful truly are above the law, and even murder and robbery become legal, but only if Ceasar issues a special Ceasar decree declaring it to be so. That's how that sort of thing works.

I am not surprised to hear this kind of talk. In fact I was just thinking about it last night. What else can they do? They must send the fox back into the hen house. Perhaps they are able to delude themselves into believing that this time, for sure, it will work. What it reminds me of is a surgeon who slices into some cancer thus causing it to disperse and spread all over hell's half acre. I can't remember a time when the Islamic State was well able to wreck havoc and raise hell all over the place before they actually became a state. So then if your strategy, if you want to call it that, it is to scatter it around so that they can raise hell all over the place instead of in one spot, then by all means send in your special salvation fox, and perhaps that fox can stun the world by finally figuring out how to pull a rabbit out of a hat while at the same time resisting its own nature and overcoming the desire to eat the rabbit. Such an untrustworthy and greedy fox just could not resist the urge to eat just one more chicken, just one more, in just one more hen house, thus explaining the wreckage of that tottering hen house and the fury of those chickens over all their busted eggs.

Sure that chicken has taken to piety and is now very extra religious, but that doesn't change the fact this is still principally a war about burned down hen houses and busted eggs, a war between the fox and all those pissed off chickens, and not a war about theology at all. Even is some theologian was pick the last gnat off of the hump of some camel the end of that war would be no nearer in sight than it is right now, but people are not fighting about religion, but rather they are fighting about busted eggs and their anger at having a fox in their hen house, and if that also happened to be against whatever religion they might have had that would be a detail to be noted in the footnotes and the title of a treatise on the war.

I have recently heard that there are those who also want that humanitarian fox to invade the chicken house of Burundi. This is the same fox that went to Vietnam and then off to Iraq and Afghanistan, and probably should not be sent to Burundi. If you wanted to send something to Burundi the best thing to send would be money for development, just to take the edge off of that grinding poverty. Of course if you were to ask the Africans they would tell you that while investing in the peaceful development of the world might be the best way to end violence and terror (you don't see people hunting each other down in Denver, Colorado) the African people would still be skeptical about the idea given how highly likely that the money would simply be stolen by a tiny elite cleptocracy that rules Africa at the present time. For God's sake no more arm's sales to that mafia outfit ruling Africa. If they need arms let them buy them on the black market from the gangsters, just as all the other gangsters and terrorists do.

Well it has been said, I am sure it will be said again and again, that we must send the fox back into the hen house, because it is hard to see any other way to deal with this problem other than to scatter the chickens all over the place so they can continue to raise hell all over the place instead of in just one spot. This sort of reasoning might make sense to some people and only if somehow they manage to delude themselves into thinking that the fox will just go back into the hen house and arrest everyone or just gun them down on the spot and that will be the end of that.

I have a few ideas of my own. Over the short term I will of course watch what is happening, see if they really did send the fox into the hen house, see if they scattered chickens with feathers flying all over the damn place, see if it really worked, this time for sure. While I am doing that I will continue to advocate for other solutions that have a better chance of being productive over the longer term, such as, and this is my first objective, getting the damage to Iraq's electricity system finally repaired and paid for by the imperialists, something that is of ongoing concern for the twenty five years since their civilian infrastructure was first destroyed. After that we can then move on to fixing their ruined water system and the sewage treatment plants. We should also let the Iraqis go back to having a state owned soclialized oil system at the present time, and we can help them out a lot by paying for some infrastructure there as well. This should help them to carry on building their infrastructure as they were doing for twenty years before so rudely interrupted by capitalist imperialism (and just think of where they would be today considering how much they accomplished in those first twenty years, becoming the most developed of all those other backwards middle eastern countries that kept giving all their money to capitalists instead.

As for sending that fox to Burundi, I would propose sending the money spent on sending that fox out to create those endless hugely expensive quagmires the money would be better spent on bringing peace to Burundi by developing good conditions in Burundi instead of those conditions of desperation and fighting over table scraps that then lead to ethnic cleansing and all manner of atrocities. In this case it might be required that we send in some kind of policing force to constantly guard and escort the local people as they spend the money on development work, just to make sure they don't get hit by gangsters in high places, who have grown much to accustomed to skimming the money off, and would therefore probably be pissed off and prone to launch terror attacks in the hopes of blackmailing everyone like the mafia does when they break your leg and the offer you protection for a fee.

There are those practical sorts who might ask where we could every find the money to pay for all this. Well to begin with there is that two trillion dollars a year that fox requires just to do normal business around the place, as well the extra hundreds of billions of dollars that fox requires should it be heavily involved in raiding a hen house, these being extraordinary funds the fox requires over and above the two trillion globally, since apparently the fox cannot be a fox , which costs about two trillion a year, and be expected to raid a hen house as well without getting some more hundreds of billions of special operating expenses to pay for it all. There would be one place to look.

However with everyone being so terrorized by the terrorizing quagmires created by that fox and everyone so very nervous about the possibility of the neighbors going nuts over table scraps, it might be possible that, just to be on the safe side, people would still like to give that fox the two trillion dollars, as well as hundreds of billions more if that fox needs to go off to play policeman in some chicken house that fox wrecked earlier.

Such being the case I would then recommend that money be found in the personal accounts of Marie Antoinette, because as everyone should know by now she has fifty percent of the world's wealth, all that neo-liberal globalization over the past few decades having paid off handsomely, thus allowing her to reach about 42 percent before that last crash caused by massive bank robbing back in 2008, and then by piling up at least one and half or two trillion or so a year since that time, has now climbed to 50 percent of the world's wealth, which is 21 percent higher than her past record just before the great depression when she had 29 percent, and everyone thought that was bad. They expected her to pay for the New Deal and she did, quite reluctantly I am sure, but she did it. She didn't have a choice. They forced her to do it.

It has been said that every dark cloud has a silver lining and so it is convenient that all that wealth wound up in the hands of Marie Antoinette because that means that the only one I have to fight with to get the money to pay for peace on earth and good will towards humanity is her.

The Global Policeman 25.Nov.2015 13:12


Kleptocracy Sometimes the global policeman will invade some foreign country or plot a coup, but this sort of thing only happens when the crime of state sponsored socialism was being tried in that country instead of giving the money to the capitalists, as is proper. What a long extensive list of countries that is, but even a shortened abbreviated list would be enough to make the point. There were the Nicaraguan contras and the Cuban contras at the Bay of Pigs, there was Vietnam which was threatening to democratically vote for the Communists by a landslide, there was the coup in Iran after Iran had the audacity to nationalize the oil industry, the attempted coup in Venezuela during the early years of the Bush/Cheny administration, which followed the same script but didn't work that time. There was the overthrow of Saddam and the reversal of the decades long nationalization of Iraq's oil industry, and the coup in the Congo because of Lubumba who was making noises about not giving all the money to the capitalists yet again, the coup in Guatemala around the same time which led to the rule of the Generals and the thirty year long dirty war against the criminals, people such as myself as just one more example of the same sort of thing, who are like the disappeared in Argentina in that we wanted to not give the money to the capitalists but spend it on things like repairing Iraq's bombed out electricity supply, which is so illegal that people who propose such things disappear after they are arrested by the global policeman.

Iraq was required to give the money to a capitalist instead of building up the electricity grid, the water supply, modern sewage systems, roads and other infrastructure. That way the capitalist could then take Iraq's money and invest it in a rubber band factory in Malaysia. Or perhaps he could just spend it on himself and drop a couple of hundred million dollars buying that one Picasso he wanted to hang in the front portico of his luxurious mansion so that he could really impress hot babes and get laid some more. This is what capitalists refer to as 'the defense of liberty and freedom' and no one has the right to tell a capitalist what he can and cannot do with his privatized oil money. This is why we have capitalists, so that they can skillfully make all the decisions about how to spend all the world's money, and if there is one thing they cannot stand it is the thought of having some presumptuous upstart proposing to interfere with their plans thus buggering up the economy when those capitalists start capital flight, job cutting, economic starvation and so on, while blaming it all socialism, or they would if they could find a politician stupid enough to not listen to the boss these days, most politicians being so terrorized by capitalists they just do what they are told, no matter how much it pisses off people like the French or the Greeks.

For while it is true that pissing of the nation can be scary as well, those politicians are not interested in fighting some war against terrorism with those capitalists, and it is for this reason the political system is producing signs of alienation, because I am just stating the obvious and everyone already knows all about that in places like Kentucky or in Louisiana where once again only thirty percent of the population just turned out to vote, such alienation certain to become more widespread once people lose their last and final delusions about politicians.

They will also have to lose delusions about themselves, for it would be ridiculous to expect anything else from a politician because as everyone should know, as I am sure they will eventually figure out given enough time, it is just delusional to go out and vote and then expect that politician to do something so recklessly stupid as to provoke those capitalists only to catch hell for it later when that capitalists throttles the country for four or five years while his media mouth organs blame the whole thing on some reckless politician for that economic mismanagement as it is called. Then people will rise up to vote that incompetent politician out of office, assuming that people could even find such incompetent politicians these days, which is impossible, even in Greece, since politicians have certainly learned their lesson even when everyone else in the country has not. They would rather catch hell from the people since that is much preferable than fighting a war on terrorism with those capitalists.

For this reason as the only real authentic permanent solution to the problem I advocate democracy and cooperation as the revolution to replace the Fascist dictator in the work place principle of competitive capitalism. I would however be agreeable to meeting people half way and trying to wring some of the money out of the wallets of those pirates. Even if that proved to be impossible and hopelessly idealistic, which I am sure many people would tell me it is, it would still be worth doing if only to further encourage these people to make attempts to get their politicians to obey democracy, which is really unrealistic, and should help to expedite the revolutionary awareness of everyone, thus causing it to take less time than it otherwise would.

Just as an aside I applaud the huge wave of mergers worth trillions and trillions that are taking place every year, since this is the capitalist version of 'capitalist sponsored socialism' and the 'capitalist planned economy'. In a way you really have to respect someone like that John Rockefeller who just appalled by the ruinous competition of the capitalist oil industry and its idiotic booms and busts caused by having the place run by feuding pirates. His solution was the rational and correct solution of crushing all competition and forming one giant monopoly after which time the oil industry could be run like a giant socialized organism under the capitalist planned economy, which, of course, would all be run by Rockefeller himself. Remember, he was a capitalist so such an idea seemed quite reasonable to him, even though it was an affront to democracy. Even so, the idea of giant monopolies which is the constant historical trend of capitalism, competition being so ruinously destructive and chaotic, and since we do not have democracy at the present time, are instead ruled over by the boss, the capitalist, I figure that we might as well have giant planned economies run by capitalists, which is an improvement, and then we can get around to democratizing those Brontosaurs at some point in the future, something that will be made a lot easier when you consider that it is much easier to democratize a small herd of brontosaurus, because there are so few of them.

However, as I said, I am thinking long term, and looking at the really big picture, and in the short term I am willing to entertain various reformist options, even if they don't work.

Now while I was on the subject of finding the money to bring peace to the world (for you don't find people threatening to ethnic cleanse the neighbors in places like Denver, Colorado) I wanted to ask a few questions about murderous thieves and see if it might be possible to find out where the money went when they finally dropped dead. For as the saying goes you can't take it with you, and it makes no difference how gigantic the pile you make becomes while you are alive, your still not taking it with you, and that means it must still be around somewhere and therefore some kind of International Criminal Trial would seem to be appropriate to locate and the seize those plundered assets. These trials would go on and on given the large number of high powered murderous thieves on this planet.

Now let's start with Mobuto in the Congo. He stole somewhere between five billion and fifteen billion dollars and then dropped dead. Who has the money now? Because, sorry, but we want it back.

According to the Wikipedia summation on Mobuto's relationship with France (for the Congo is French speaking former colony of France, and given that everyone is thinking about France right now, it seemed good to me to encourage the practice)...

During the presidency of Charles de Gaulle, relations with the two countries gradually grew stronger and closer. In 1971, Finance Minister Valéry Giscard d'Estaing paid a visit to Zaire; later, after becoming President, he would develop a close personal relationship with President Mobutu, and became one of the regime's closest foreign allies. During the Shaba invasions, France sided firmly with Mobutu: during the first Shaba invasion, France airlifted 1,500 Moroccan troops to Zaire, and the rebels were repulsed;a year later, during the second Shaba invasion, France itself would send French Foreign Legion paratroopers (2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment) to aid Mobutu (along with Belgium).

If you listens to Africans today, they will tell you that they are ruled over by the same thieves. Apparently this is not a crime, because the police are only sent out against left wing socialists, but are never sent out against thieves, unless the get in trouble and needed some help.

So there is another source of funds, for it turns out that Africa has money, and instead of getting ready to ethnic cleanse themselves in Burundi over another one of those desperate feuds over who gets to eat the table scraps, Africa could be developed using a lot of their own money, assuming we first confiscate it and prosecute the murderous thieves who stole it in the first place.