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The Revolution will continue

The Revolution will continue after these short messages
Instead of praying for for Paris you might want to actually do something that matters. Let me give you some practical examples. Last summer people were roasting in Baghdad during a heat wave, and that pissed them off and caused them to become more radicalized because here we are twenty five years after the International War Crimes were committed on them and the electricity system they had paid for with Iraq's State owned socialized oil industry still has not been repaired. I mean come on now. Twenty five years. That's a hell of long time and now they have to roast every summer because they still don't have power. I bet that might radicalize some of those people. They would either have to seriously consider joining the Islamic State or at the very least support the Islamic State as their suicidal jihadists drone bomb Paris. At least somebody is doing something...

Now let me first speak to some of those people who are living in the belly of the beast, the heart of the Capitalist Imperialist Empire. And there are a lot of people ready to be spoken to in such a place, which becomes obvious when you stop to ponder the wide spread alienation and the fact that there will be an election and the majority of people just stay home. They are like sheep without a shepherd and that means that there is vacancy and so no doubt there will be a lot of jockeying for position as Robespierre tries to move into the penthouse suite, what with Marie Antoinette having been tossed out of the place. Once they get through mourning for Paris those people in France can return back to holding general strikes where altogether they shut the entire country of France down for a day just to send Marie Antoinette another one of the messages saying, 'no, we will not eat cake.' This is to the credit of the French and I cannot help but wonder why it is that in Kentucky instead of doing like the Frenchy do and shutting down the state they just stay home, even when they know they are about to get attacked by some right wing hawk. Hell, even that traditional Democrat spook story about stopping the scary hawk doesn't work anymore.

But I digress. Praying for Paris is a waste of time, and it would be better for people to be something useful for a change. This is even more true when you consider that there are those people around, the real sneaky types, who want to make sure that no one does anything and therefore they will always be the most vocal when it comes to praying for Paris. Not only does that prevent anyone from doing anything worthwhile it has the added benefit of encouraging people to do something really bloodthirsty and violent, and any prayers that can help out with that sort of thing are prayers you will be hearing a lot. I imagine they will be saying a lot of prayers in France for as long as possible just to keep those French preoccupied and otherwise distracted thus helping to keep their minds off of things for as long as possible. Oh, and while I am on the subject, those police state laws that are in place in France because of the great love of French people, could those laws also be used on French people if they start misbehaving and having more of those general strikes. Are you are about that. That police state is only to be used when Bull Connor sicks the German Shepherd dogs on the sand niggers. Are we sure about that? Well it will be interesting to find out later when it starts to wear off and those French go back to being very pissed off at Marie and Louis instead of the Islamic State.

This is one of the bad things about the Islamic State in that these are not true revolutionaries, because you would never want to interrupt the French while they were setting up the guillotine. But I am the patient sort. This will blow over. Now apparently our media system wants to milk that cow perhaps for two or three months or even two or three years straight because they know about the guillotine and were trying their level best to help Marie and Louis to keep their heads. As long as no one in France thinks about anything else for as long as possible that might help. Just when they were about to forget it would be even more helpful if they got droned again by the Islamic state. This would explain why it was the Louis and Marie and so mercilessly and recklessly pounding and beating on the Islamic State, because even though they know this will inflame the situation they don't mind and were actually kind of hoping that maybe it would. After all people are going to get tired of those journalists trying to keep everyone distracted. It's been two weeks already and sooner or later people are going to expect them to stop so that the French can back to their normal lives and all their plotting against Marie and Louis.

But once again I digress. What was it that I was planning to say? Oh yes, now I remember...

If you wanted to do something useful that might reconcile a bad situation rather than inflaming the situation you might want to consider doing justice by making amends and fixing Iraq's destroyed electricity system. Oh, and don't forget the sewage system and the water supply. That dirty water problem was a major contributing factor and killing close to three hundred thousand Iraqis in Baghdad after that surgically clean precision targeted laser guided Iraq war. (Anyone remember that propaganda...were you alive back in those days...it was the cleanest war ever since every bomb was to precisely laser guided so as not to hurt any innocent civilians...that was well done, at the time...kudos to the spin doctors).

Now I know, I know, even though it is obvious that this is the true peaceful gesture, to do justice and to make amends for the violations of the Geneva Conventions and the war crimes laws. That would really help to end the escalating cycle of violence. However you are going to tell me I am crazy to suggest such things now that the nation is going flat broke and is in the midst of such severe austerity with the budget cuts and the benefit slashing and Walmart making plans to go more upscale since no one has any money anymore. Given how tight the situation is the last thing anyone wants to think about is spending hundreds of billions of dollars fixing Baghdad.

However I am not going to accept that as an excuse. As everyone knows Marie and Louis now have fifty percent of the worlds wealth, this being about 21 percent higher than they had during the Great Depression and everyone thought that was just dreadful. So while I know that you certainly can't afford it and really don't have much choice but to tighten your belts I also know that Marie and Louis can definitely afford it, since those statistics show that year after year their wealth has been expanding by one and a half to two trillion dollars. That is trillion, with a 'T'. I am sure that we could fix Baghdad for much less than they will be piling up this year and still have lots left over to fix something else that might be broken and require fixing. So it's not like we be fixing Baghdad and then leaving you to fume because you got left out, what with money being so tight lately. Hell the Aristocratic elitists could even solve that awful Greek debt problem with that six and fifty billion dollars they quickly moved out of the country and into Swiss bank accounts as they sensed that some trouble might be coming. They would still have lots of billions left over and so you could either let them stay rich, if that's what you wanted, even if not quite as rich as they would like themselves to be, or you would have more money left over to pay for those dreadful programs for orphans and widows which have been told are the whole cause of the Greek problem. Stupid Greeks. They have been spending beyond their means, and if someone says 'but what can we do about the orphans and widows' I guess the answer would be that you hope that they crawl off somewhere and die so people won't notice them anymore.

Okay now having spoken to the people in the empire and I should also take an opportunity to talk to people in places like Iraq or Syria. I would imagine that every now and then you people are feeling radicalized and you might start thinking to yourself that we should all thank God for the Islamic State because at least they are up and fighting back and doing something. But really all they are doing is interrupting the French right when things were starting to get really interesting and they were also making it hard for the people in places like Kentucky or Greece to keep their focus. There is nothing worse than interrupting a revolution.

Now let's suppose that some of you people are becoming so radicalized you are getting pushed close to the edge. At any time you could become so furious that your become suicidal. Sure it will get you killed but that doesn't matter. You must drone strike France. Perhaps you were watching the French media and listening to the French politicians and now that you know all about what racists ruthless oppressors the French people really are you feel quite justified in bombing the French, even if it kills you. Alas, you do not know the French, because right at the moment the French are real pissed off at their Elitists and all their lap dog mouth pieces in the stalinized media system that always pumps out the line of the Politburo, and at the moment their revolutionary strategy was to shut down the state with waves of general strikes. In response Marie and Pierre will become even more strict disciplinarians. This sort of thing always happens just before a revolution which is why those things build up steam like a pressure and then the lid blows off. Next thing you know instead of seeing the French in Syria you would be seeing in the streets of Paris for the second French Revolution. It is hard to predict when and equally hard to predict just which percent would be the straw which finally broke the camels back because Marie and Pierre are going to continue to pile up those trillions and refuse to give back a dime, and sooner or later it will be off with their heads, such things always being just a matter of time.

Pray for Paris 24.Nov.2015 07:13


Some of the propagandists for war and bloodshed are real obvious and very easy to spot, what with their fangs dripping with blood and the way that they drool blood from their lips. But it is the real sneaky ones you need to watch out for, such as the ones who bang the drums for war by praying for Paris or asking everyone to rise for a moment of silence for Paris, in that heart touching display of compassion for the victims of terrorism and violence that is so common now that suddenly they have discovered their virtues after what happened in Paris.

Acts of Terrorism 24.Nov.2015 07:32


Acts of Terrorism I wonder how long our brainwashing spin doctors plan to milk that French cow? I mean they do have to stop sooner or later, don't they?

I suppose it doesn't matter and the thing to do would be to just let them carry on and have a frank discussion about acts of terrorism that does not involve them, and just let them keep working on further radicalizing the planet in the hopes of getting more terrorist attacks in Paris so they can keep going on and on and on, while they build up that police state (for they love the French and would hate to see them get hurt).

Now unfortunately this does distract everyone from fighting the war on terrorism by distracting their attention in the hopes that they might forget about how they are constantly being targeted by acts of terrorism.

For example those terrorist bank robbers will tell commit an act of terror against them by telling them that they are taking a pay cut, not getting a pension or benefits, OR ELSE their job will be shipped to the cheapest country on earth. That would be Afghanistan if only they didn't have the Taliban, which would be cheap, but alas they will have to find some other really cheap country.

It is just outrageous the way that some people seem to think they should be coddled with all their outrageous demands for a raise in pay.

Let's suppose you propose to tax them to pay for food stamps. Right away your politicians will remind you that you do not want to provoke the terrorists or they will cause capital flight and there will be a sudden drop in job creation. The best thing to do would be to offer them another big tax cut. They will like that.

As for the budget the best thing to do would be to target the orphans and widows. They are a lot less scary to the politicians than fighting with globalized terrorists, since that is one war against terror those politicians are determined to avoid at all costs. If the Greeks or the French start scaring politicians they can always antagonize more radicals in the Middle East and just hope for more terrorist attacks so they can set up that police state the global terrorists require if they are going to keep piling up all the world's money in a great big heaping stack. In this way they can avoid paying for repairs to Baghdad and crush the entire planet all at once instead of just picking off a few countries here and there. In this way they can keep the lights out in Iraq perhaps for centuries.

This is a stick up 24.Nov.2015 07:33


Just give them the money and nobody gets hurt...or if somebody does get hurt maybe it will be somebody else and it won't be you

Nihilism 24.Nov.2015 08:09


You know, every time that someone says something false, and it provokes me, I am going to make it my policy to respond. I am not letting things slip by. I am not going to just let it go. I am going to set the record straight.

Now according to something I read out on the internet, it was said that the Islamic State is not nihilism, and the reason why is because suicide bombers believe in God, and nihilism, defined as a philosophy is a form of atheism.

Let's push the boundaries of conventional acceptable behavior and let's show empathy for the suicide bomber. Suicide bombers are not created by reading the Koran the wrong way. There's another one of those things. I keep hearing that the solution is to teach potential suicide bombers facile platitudes about how religion is about being really nice to everyone and not killing them by blowing yourself up because that would be Un-Islamic.

The truth about an extremely radicalized furiously pissed off suicide bomber is that such desperate acts of self immolation are produced when weak helpless poor people are being targeted by the most overwhelming monstrous military industrial complex that has ever existed on this planet. The situation is hopeless and they cannot fight back against such dreadful trillion dollar systems of computerized surveillance and targeted high tech drone strikes. This helpless feeling of being brutally overwhelmed and completely without hope forever and ever as the trillions of dollars and the future hope of humanity is sicked down into the sewer hole by that ravenous money sucking monstrosity then leads to that feeling of rage so intense and so all consuming that such people then turn themselves into drones and launch their own drone strikes on places like Paris, immolating themselves in the process. People only overcome their own powerful instinct for survival and behave like that when they haven't got another single good idea they can find and something that extreme is all the remains. It is all or nothing, and since they are so passionately outraged and won't take no for an answer then it is nihilistic annihilation for them. It is all that they have left.

As for the role that Islam plays in all this, reading the Koran does not create a suicide bomber, because you could radicalize people in places like Malaysia and not get anywhere and all the Muslim immigrants that I know over here don't respond to such interpretations of the Koran. For a seed will only grow where there is soil and a seed thrown onto the rocks cannot sprout and will never grow into a full grown plant. You will find suicide bombers in places like Iraq and Syria, where the military industrial complex is operating, and you might also find them scattered here and there all over the planet wherever empathy causes people to suffer with horror at the thought of having such an idiotic brainless monstrosity sucking up the money that could have been used to lift the world up thus ending the cycle of violence.

Only people without a hope in the world become religious extremist suicide bombers. If they had a hope they would be faithfully waiting for God, but since that idea seems perfectly idiotic to them, they will have no choice but to blow themselves up because that is all they have left in this world. They don't have the military hardware to fight in a real war because they are poor and can't afford it and in spite of all their Islamic talk they don't have God either, for nihilism is their only option.

So then suicide bombers are not created by religion, they are created by the monstrous unstoppable overwhelming might and power of the military industrial complex. As for the role that Islam just happens to play in the lives of such people, perhaps Karl Marx said it best when he said that religion was the shot of heroin of the masses, the great pain killer for the suffering groaning victims of oppression. People like that have no hope in this world, but they will shoot up with a shot of that religious heroin so as to power themselves up to roll the dice and take their chances on the after life. That they have no hope in God in this life is best demonstrated by the fact that they would decide to take their chances on some other life that might have some hope. That they have no genuine faith is best demonstrated by their nihilism and finds expression in that form of cognitive dissonance known as bigotry which is produced by a conflict between what you really believe unconsciously (they are effectively unfaithful unbelieving nihilistic atheists) and what they profess to believe consciously (they are the true and most genuine of Islamists, or so they say). Religious atheists always make for the very worst fundamentalists and the fact that the Islamic State is so brutally fanatical and so oppressively intolerant is openly displayed evidence for that severe case of cognitive dissonance.

For this reason this is not a war between sophisticated modernity and backwards religious peasants but rather it is a war between the all powerful military industrial complex and some poor and impoverished people and the role that some phony religion that no one believes is that of the intoxicant which makes the oppressed high enough on morphine to turn themselves into human drones and self destruct as weapons of war.

Faith of the Heart 24.Nov.2015 09:01


Got this song stuck in my head