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audio stream /shooting in minneapolis

shooting by white supremacists at protesters
this is audio of police \ scanner on 11.23.15 in minneapolis
INCIDENT AUDIO: audio-minneapolis-shooting


Live Video from the street 23.Nov.2015 21:50


Live Stream

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11.23.15 | 9:45PM

injuries non-life-threatening, no suspects apprehended. 23.Nov.2015 22:46



more info about police shooting victim being Protested for, Jamar Clark: 23.Nov.2015 22:54

Jamar Clark was reaching for an officer's gun when he was shot.

Beyond the domestic assault call alleging Clark had hurt his girlfriend that brought police to the north Minneapolis neighborhood, he spent three years in and out of prison for a robbery conviction.

More recently, he was on probation for threatening to burn down an ex-girlfriend's house after a bitter break-up and was awaiting trial for a July arrest for fleeing police in a high-speed chase.