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(A-Radio) Northern Europe 1: Musta Pispala festival in Finland

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we made an audio on the countercultural Musta Pispala festival in Tampere, Finland.

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had the opportunity of making this radio show on the anarchist counterculture festival, Musta Pispala, that was organized in Pispala, Tampere, Finland, on the second weekend of July. Musta Pispala was organized for the first time ten years ago and it's idea is to bring local activist and people from all over the world together to learn and share anarchist thoughts and practices and to have good time in the beautiful neighbourhood of Pispala.

Length: 12:14 min

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Enjoy! And please feel free to share!

A-Radio Berlin

ps.: We are now on Twitter! Please feel welcome to follow us at @aradio_berlin!
ps2.: Please note: We are always looking for people willing to lend us a hand with transcriptions and translations from Spanish or German into English as well as people able to do voice recordings - in order to amplify our international radio work. You can contact us at aradio-berlin/at/riseup(dot)net!