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The War on Journalists

Fighting the War on Terrorism by fighting a war on journalists, especially in foreign countries...it is the only hope you have of preventing terror strikes which target civilians...
Once in a while I do go off the rails and become provoked and become very offended by some really obstinate sinners, and I might lose my cool and have a brief bad tempered rant. Next thing you know, once I have collected myself, I might be seen going around the place trying to sweep up the busted glass. As the saying goes, no one is perfect, but I have resolved to watch myself, and maybe just shut my mouth for a day or two or three whenever that happens again, and once it blows over, then, and only then would I open my mouth.

One good example of this sort of thing was when I went off the rails and became so deeply offended by our media system right after that attack on Paris. It seems to me that our media system consists of these upper middle class imperialist white supremacist blood thirsty racists. Instantly I was teleported over to Turkey and started to boo the minute of silence for the white victims of terrorism in France. I just couldn't help myself at the time.

I was so offended by their ruthless racism and their arrogant imperialist colonial mentality. Now none of this is a nice thing to say about our media system, but it does have to be confronted. Unfortunately people like that have dug a deep hole and the deeper they dig they more committed they become to digging that hole. While they are busy digging themselves that pit they are destined to fall into (assume here there is not some break in the cycle of adding sin onto sin onto sin) I feel that the best way to confront them is to make every effort to encourage everyone to tell people in foreign countries that this media system is not the voice of the people but instead is the voice of the upper middle class imperialist racists of our society, who are constantly trying to lower the level of the debate into bloodthirsty militarism and violence and so on.

I recommend this approach to everyone, in spite of the fact that it is rude to journalists, as all truth must be when really obdurate sinners of the worst sort are confronted. This is very important because if people in far away countries are led to believe that these upper middle class war mongering racists are the voice of the people this would lead inevitably to the targeting of civilians by enraged suicidal radicallized victims of the military industrial monster machine, which will then feed that racist narrative in a constantly repeating cycle of violence.

So therefore, if you really want to 'fight the war on terrorism' and really want to do something about Paris, instead of doing something facile and quite useless such as praying to God to do something vaguely defined about Paris, you might want to consider taking practical action by fighting against those journalists, especially in those foreign countries where the people who know nothing about us might be led to believe that the French people are represented by powerful racists. Actually that is not true, not just in this case, but in all cases, and you can see that clearly when the rich and the upper middle class pile up fifty percent of the wealth and while people down at the bottom are getting their food stamps cut they never have a voice, since upper middle class racists dominate the discussion.

This can also be seen when you consider how people get thrown out of capitalism to keep the ideal rate of unemployment and poverty so as to prevent wage inflation, and our blood thirsty media pundits promote the war on crime, and never ever discuss the failures of the system which has been so very generous to them and which they rather enjoy and support, right or wrong, all the time, twenty four hours a day. You cannot have a dialog with those people, because they keep the debate narrowly focused on the upper middle class point of view on every issue, so for that reason I am recommending that if people want to fight against the targeting of civilians in terror attacks that they fight the war against journalists in foreign countries, because that is your only hope of doing something that might actually work, and is a lot better than 'praying for Paris' since it might actually accomplish something. After you have had a 'minute of silence for Paris' you might then want to move on to spending a minute thinking about those journalists and how nakedly they are attempting to erase historical memory by telling everyone that this a war against 'radicalized Islam', when actually this is a war against suicidally radicalized people who just happen to be Islamists, and could instead be radicalized suicidal Buddhists, if it turned out that Buddhists were the ones who had all the oil and were being targeted by the most powerful military industrial complex in history.

For this reason I have no choice but to rebuke those 'liberals' and those 'progressives' in the church who do their bit to normalize the twisted narrative of those journalists by insisting that religion is no excuse for violence, which sounds real nice, until you realize that religion is not the issue, but the issue is oil wells and capitalist imperialism and a long history of racist white domination of the planet, and so on. Muslims should also stop apologizing for Islam, because that also normalizes that twisted narrative being peddled by our journalists.

Just some thoughts for the day...

Kentucky 22.Nov.2015 00:44


Some religious right wing false prophet was saying that the vote in Kentucky, where Kim Davis backed the Republican candidate, who won, shows that a backlash is developing against gay marriage.

Actually what really happened is that only 30 percent of the population showed up at the polls in Kentucky, and 70 percent of the population voted against the system by staying home. The Democrats stayed home, because they could not mobilize their vote, and in this way some right wing hawk that represents almost no one in Kentucky came to power and will now launch attacks against that state.

Therefore we can see that a massive power vacuum is opening up in the United States since the entire political system has become discreditable. This will be expressed either in the development of revolution or reaction, as populist demagogues exploit the collapse of that entire system.

People Have Zero Power Why Ask For Responsibility? 22.Nov.2015 19:41


Just get machine free Simple score voting.

Otherwise just do not vote.

No more "political science", machine vote casting and tallying.

No more "IRV", or "range" voting.

Just real responsibility. Then they will take the time to learn about reality.

Brent 23.Nov.2015 09:50


"70 percent of the population voted against the system by staying home"

It was also abandonment of themselves, like a bunch of nihilits wishing for 'the end' and leave their own personal misery behind them. Are they thinking of their kids? The relatives? The neighbors? It's fucking silly, and people disowning their rights. In this day and age we vote from our armchairs. When one contributes nothing, is it reasonable to expect something from that contribution? They're giving it away, also for nothing.

Oh, but try stop them from using their social networks and blogs to vent their pitiful frustrations, spendng hours doing nothing but contributing to the power sheme to which they object.

"It is in the public and political realm that he shares words and deeds, thus contributing his share of action and thought to the fabric of human affairs. Now, the public and political realm is that where issues are decided in a way worthy of free man..." Thomas Merton

Hey, I don't like the impetus of public political society now any more than anyone else might. But taking part in the public is where whatever imperfect solution we might have comes, which will always be just 'the peace of the moment'. Too many for too long have been busy looking for some kind of messiah or kissing the ass of the currently recognized incarnation. Both secular and spiritual life at that point worship at the dead truck of the tree of Western culture.

While cristianity has hoodwinked any but the powerful and the consequent tragedy, they're missing half the message. Don't the 'followers' see the obviously overt political actions of Christ? C'mon...The man rode into Jerusalem riding an ass and allowed himself to be hailed as king. Rome didn't suffer threats to its power any more than our neocons in the US today or any power ever, the 'god' in most minds included. The separation of the material and the spiritual is little more than a distraction of power.

All of us are complicit in our own demise to one extent or another. Nothing and no one is going to save one from that demise except themselves. I don't believe Christ was a 'savior'. Christ was an example of how (if you adhere to the idea) to 'save' oneself. Very, very few live in a vacuum of any making but their own. Those who do nothing will reap what they sow (if one can stand the biblical phrase that itself has been vetted by the powerful, both the old and new testaments). The current power scheme will eventually suicide. Whose version of history is confused in that respect? Whatever manner of suicide the current scheme of power chooses to assume, those who do nothing will have also chosen their personal method. Stick a fork in 'em now. They're done.

I wouldn't personally expect anyone to risk their lives. But, shit, at least show the current scheme of power that you're there, not just some manner of the dirt the scheme uses to grow its abominations. Put a fucking stamp on the ballot and vote. Those who didn't deserve their fate. They'll be damned by their god for that sin just as well as if they'd murdered their neighbor. Amounts to the same thing.