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France: French Groundtroops "Counterproductive", U.S. Ground Troops "Indispensable"

And Wolf Blitzer just sat there and said nothing at all in response like a good little lapdog
Please die for us
Please die for us
Gerard Araud, the French Ambassador to the United States, was asked yesterday by CNN's Wolf Blitzer whether France would send combat ground troops to Syria to fight Isis. He actually said "that would be counterproductive" but that United States soldiers on the ground are indispensable. He did't mention Saudi Arabia or Egypt either. This whole deal may have been instigated by the French to get the USA into a massive ground war in Syria and Iraq to save the French from Islamic assault at home. But true to form, the French don't want to get bloody in the process but it's OK if we Americans bail their sorry butts out with OUR young. Wolf had nothing to say.